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Looking for adventure? Try Something NEW in 2021!

Arizona’s state parks offer a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities! Some of them, like hiking, get a bunch of attention, but there are other ways to enjoy Arizona’s beautiful outdoor places that are just as fun. Check out all the ways to have fun in Arizona's state parks! Take a look below and learn about some of the more obscure ways people enjoy the outdoors, then take a trip and try them for yourself!  Who knows…your new hobby (obsession) may be listed below!


Arizona fun outdoor activities- Birding in Arizona

What is birding? Take equal parts adventure, love of wildlife, and appreciation of the outdoors and you get one of the fastest growing hobbies in the outdoors! Birding gives participants a chance to get outside, exercise, and take a close look at the robust and diverse bird populations that call Arizona home. Our Birding in Arizona page gives you all the info you need to get started, or you can listen to a recent podcast where we discussed birding in Arizona with an expert! So if you like hiking, and think birds are cool (they’re super cool) hit the trail and see what you can find in the parks!

Birding in Arizona

Fly Fishing

Fun outdoor activities in Arizona- Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for rainbow trout is one of the most relaxing and gratifying ways one can catch this beautiful and delicious cold-water species. Whether or not you’ve experienced success by fishing with more traditional tackle, fly fishing is an easy (subjective) and relatively inexpensive undertaking. You’ll pay with patience as you master your newfound craft on the path to gratification. There’s nothing in this world like watching a fat rainbow abruptly break the water's surface and engulf your elk hair caddis (type of fly) before sending a jolt of lightning excitement through the line, down the pole, and into your heart. You’ll never forget the feeling and chances are you will seek it out as often as possible on your quest to fly fishing mastery!

Trout Fishing in Arizona

Mountain Biking

Fun outdoor activities in Arizona- Mountain Biking

Adrenaline surging, wind against your face, and the spirit of adventure guiding you through the desert. Mountain biking can be as relaxing or exciting as you want it to be, it just depends on the trail and your frame of mind! Peddling uphill is one of the best cardio workouts there is and the constant work involved will build muscles for sure! Or, if you’re like most mountain bikers, you’re just out there for the adventure and to experience the outdoor beauty a little differently than you have before! Borrow a bike, rent one, or pick one up cheap online, and hit the trail…It’s that easy to get into something new this year!

Mountain Biking in Arizona


Fun Arizona outdoor activities- Kayaking

This is another one of those activities that you can take as extreme or laid back as you like. Do what suits your style in 2021 and try out this fun way to experience Arizona’s beauty while getting a little exercise. Gliding almost silently across the water will allow you to see more birds and wildlife in their natural, uninterrupted state, which creates amazing up close and personal encounters. Rising in popularity, kayak fishing will give you access to fish that rarely see bait or lure, especially along the cattails that line several of our park’s lakes. Or, just get out there and let your mind wander paddling around aimlessly while appreciating beautiful things. Besides, who said there needs to be a point to your kayak adventure anyways?

Kayaking in Arizona

Final Thoughts

Try any (or all) of the above activities in Arizona’s state parks and choose adventure in 2021! Let the excitement of any of these socially distant outdoor adventures guide your thoughts as we navigate the new year. There’s way more to the parks than camping and hiking, although we think those are awesome too! Diverse forms of outdoor recreation help you get more out of each outdoor experience and we want to help you get all you can get…They say “Time flies when you’re having fun.” That’s the only problem we can find with learning new activities. You just might need to book a campsite or cabin and stay for a while to get it all in!  

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