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Want to explore, but want to do it at your own pace? Looking for an alternative to National Parks road trips? Visit Arizona to have the very best road trip adventure possible! Arizona is the perfect place to hit the road and explore, for a day, a week, or a weekend. From Lake Havasu to Safford and Flagstaff to Patagonia, you can make any vacation a park-cation by exploring Arizona's state parks and experiencing everything they have to offer. We’ve planned out road trip itineraries to help you discover Arizona’s “west coast,” north-central Arizona, and in the beautiful southern part of the state. All you have to do is pack the car and head out. All roads lead to adventure when you include Arizona State Parks in your road trip! Make this the year of the road trip! Plus, check out this guide to some of the scenic road trips through Arizona's state parks, in partnership with Geico!

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Northern Arizona

Northern AZ Road Trip Examples. COuple biking near shore of Lyman lake, Fool hollow Lake Panoramic shot, Woman celebrating nature at Red Rock State Park.

Northern Arizona is a great place to cool off and set up camp, then make day trips to the surrounding areas. With several Arizona State Parks to visit "up north," you can plan an exciting tour of Cottonwood, Sedona, and Jerome, or experience the astounding beauty of the White Mountains. It's up to you...Check out the link below to learn all about these amazing Northern Arizona experiences, then plan a trip and see these beautiful places for yourself! 

Northern Arizona Road Trip

Southern Arizona

Southern AZ Road Trip Experiences. Five people on shore of Patagonia lake, Whetstone Mountains, Mountain Biking Oracle State Park.

Southern Arizona is full of exciting outdoor recreation amid a classically gorgeous Sonoran Desert backdrop. Many of your Arizona State Parks are available for your year-round enjoyment, and parks in the south are perfect year-round for an amazing Arizona Road Trip! Come along as we map out two distinct options for travelers looking to step up their Arizona adventure game this year. Each road trip option includes more than one park and is a perfectly scenic and inspirational getaway. See these eight southern Arizona parks for the ultimate road trip experience, and leave armed with memories that are sure to last a lifetime!

Southern Arizona Road Trip

Western Arizona

Western AZ Road Trip Ideas. Kayaking at Cattail Cove, Sunset on the Colorado River, Diving into Lake Havasu.

When you're looking for an iconic adventure on a road trip, Arizona's western border serves up amazing exploration possibilities along the Colorado River! Four amazing parks are all within an hour of each other right on the river and offer water fun, hiking, and a chance to relax and enjoy the river life. What is river life? Well, it is what you make it...Engage in adrenaline inducing water sports or simply watch your cares roll downstream as they are swept away by this ancient river! It's up to you! However you decide to experience this "must see" section of Arizona, we would love to show you a good time via out clean campgrounds with a view. 

Western Arizona Road Trip

Historic Arizona

Historic Road Trip Destinations. Gunfighters in the street at Tombstone, Homolovi Ancestrial Ruins, COnquistadors on horseback at Tubac.

Learn even more about Arizona's varied history by touring the eight historic state parks throughout the state. Each of these parks explores a unique part of Arizona's story, weaving together to create the intricate history we've all grown to know. Take a detour for education - we have great ways to experience rich Arizona history through tours and innovative interpretive signage. The best part is that your history lesson can begin from either Phoenix or Tucson. So hit the road and check out our fascinating, well-curated displays throughout this history-rich state! 

Historic Arizona Road Trip

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