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When you're looking for a weekend adventure, or making rest stops on a longer road trip, western Arizona's Colorado River country is a great place to detour! Four amazing parks are all within an hour of each other right on the river! Explore all the  amazing sights to see along the river, and engage in activities like camping, boating, hiking and more. Follow State Route 95 from the I-40 (north) or the I-62 or I-10 (south); eventually this will be your memory lane, so make the most of Arizona's west coast!

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Buckskin Mountain State Park

Buckskin Mountain State Park is just north of Parker, and is well-known for gorgeous views and expansive network of trails! The park recently expanded their trail system, giving you even more western Arizona desert to explore! The trails connect and loop to create different challenges, each with a unique outcome. Take a leisurely stroll along the river or hike to a picturesque overlook using the River View Trail, where you can see Arizona and California stretched out on either side. Simply turn off this path and see the abandoned mines and get a taste of western Arizona history. There are so many incredible things to discover, even day trippers will want to park their RV or pitch a campsite to spend more time fishing, hiking, or boating along the amazing shoreline. The campgrounds here allow visitors a chance to explore throughout the region from a centralized location. Reserve your spot below!!

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River Island State Park

Just one mile outside of Buckskin Mountain lies River Island State Park, a low profile park with campgounds, river access, and trail connections to the entirety of Buckskin Mountain. Make your campsite at River Island and head up to Buckskin for an extremely extensive trail system, or keep it laid back with fishing and boating right at River Island. Dogs are welcome for both tent and RV camping, plus a fenced dog run is available so your pup can explore off-leash! Beachfront campsites are great for scenic views and easy access to the water for all your day's activities! 

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Lake Havasu State Park

Lake Havasu State Park is a popular western destination with awesome fishing, boating, camping, and trails, and your first stop from the north heading south. Stroll along the water's edge while taking in the incredible views stretching all the way to the rugged, distant mountain ranges. Listen as the emerald water knocks against rocky shores and watch the ripples bend light for a natural light show! Spend your days catching bass out on the lake, and enjoy the spoils of your day while you relax on the beach, the water and scenic mountain ranges stretching out to the horizon as the sun sets in a breathtaking explosion of color. If you're visiting on a day trip, you can swim, hike, or boat out on the mighty Colorado! Rafts, kayaks, inner tubes, and more are all welcome out for a day of sand and sun!

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Cattail Cove State Park

Continue south down State Route 95 to Cattail Cove State Park, which has been called the Colorado River's best kept secret! The petite cove is Lake Havasu's smaller counterpart, just down the shoreline from the Lake Havasu State Park, and offers many of the same activites, only on a smaller scale. Fishing, boating, and camping are all available at Cattail Cove, plus a beach just for your dog! Paddling has become increasingly popular along the Colorado River, and Cattail is a great spot to take advantage! Because of the cove's secluded location, the fishing there is hard to beat as well! Bass, catfish, and crappie all abound in the cool lake water. Strike out onto one of Cattail Cove's awesome trails, and enjoy an adventure through the desert with high likelihood of seeing some wildlife, such as bighorn sheep, or one of the areas many resident or migrating bird species! Cattail Cove's expanded trail system winds its way through the outer reaches of the park, on moderate to difficult trails. There are also designated swimming areas along the shoreline, from shallow to open water, where you can cool off and kick back after your action-packed day. A staple at Cattail Cove is the comfortable white sand beach, here you can relax by the water and experience the simple joy of a nice day and a beautiful view. 

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