Dump station and potable water filling is for use by registered campers only (No OHV use of dump station or filling fresh water tanks).

Fishing in the Park

Throughout the hundreds of miles in which the Colorado River spans, quality fishing spots can be found along the way. “Quality” is a relative term because each of us has different determining factors needed to reach a quality grade in our opinions. Fishing opportunities within Buckskin Mountain State Park are considered quality by many anglers and that grade rating depends heavily on fishing experience and species targeted by visitors during their stay. 

Bass Fishing

Colorado River SmallmouthGenerally speaking, bass fishing is good throughout the year. Large and smallmouth bass are the primary bass species, with a sprinkling of stripers added into the mix. Seasoned anglers that frequent the park use lipless crankbaits and soft plastics rigged “weedless” to catch a majority of their Buckskin Mountain largemouth bass in and around aquatic vegitation. The smallmouth bass seem to like small spinnerbaits, 1/4 oz jigs, and jerk baits depending on time of year and water temperature, but they're usually found associated with rocky areas along the shoreline or submerged rockpiles. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass can be caught from beneath and around boat docks along the 18 mile stretch of river below Lake Havasu called the Parker Strip.


Large channel and flathead catfish can be caught right from the shore of this serene park. Standard offerings like chicken liver, worms, and prepared dough bait seem to work just as good here as they do any other place that holds catfish. The three main ingredients to consistently catching catfish are patience, rigging, and luck. Patient anglers that have their bait rigged up correctly simply need a little luck to land some great cats here. Our suggestion is to stay vigilant and to try different baits if one isn’t currently working. Sometimes these catfish just want what they want and won’t bite until they get it.


Most likely the perfect fish in which to introduce kids to the sport are sunfish and bluegills. These little panfish have voracious appetites and are typically willing to bite without making anglers wait too long before doing so. Worms, corn, and other proven panfish baits work as well at Buckskin as they do any other place. Simply change bait depth below the bobber until you find out how deep the fish are hanging out, and cast near aquatic vegetation or manmade structures.  

A valid Arizona fishing license is required for anglers 10 years and older. Licensing information is available online at Arizona Game & Fish, or purchase a fishing license at a local dealer.

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