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The annual Historic Preservation Conference will be held on June 16-18, 2020 in Tempe. View the event page for more information.


New! Arizona State Historic Preservation Plan Update 2019


The Arizona State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is preparing an update to the Statewide Historic Preservation Plan to cover the years from 2019 to 2023. A comprehensive state plan is required by the National Park Service as a condition of the grant each state receives from the federal Historic Preservation Fund. Per NPS requirements, the plan must involve a significant public input process and the plan must include: A summary of the planning process, a clear statement describing the planning cycle, a summary assessment of historic and cultural resources, a vision for historic preservation, goals and objectives, and a bibliography.

Beginning in 2018, SHPO staff conducted research on issues facing historic preservation in Arizona and conducted two surveys to obtain initial input into preparation of the draft. The first survey targeted public agencies to gauge their compliance with historic preservation legislation and to gather information about broad-based preservation efforts throughout the state. Staff then prepared a draft Arizona State Historic Preservation Plan Update 2019 as a basis for seeking addition input, which was gathered through a public meeting at the statewide historic preservation conference in 2018 and through a SurveyMonkey poll of preservation professionals and the general public. Input on the plan from Arizona’s Native American communities was sought through a targeted public meeting and through direct communication with all of Arizona’s tribes.

Based on commentary received on the initial draft, SHPO staff has prepared a second draft plan that is now available to the entire network of historic preservation advocates for review and comment. Please download the draft, which is available here as a PDF document. Your comments on the plan update are welcome. Check back on this page for updates on the progress of the plan, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Arizona State Historic Preservation Plan Update 2019 (7.7 MB)


The Arizona State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), a division of Arizona State Parks, assists private citizens, private institutions, local governments, tribes, and state and federal agencies in the identification, evaluation, protection, and enhancement of historic and archaeological properties that have significance for local communities, the State of Arizona, or the nation.

The role and function of the SHPO is defined in both state law (Arizona Historic Preservation Act) and federal law (National Historic Preservation Act, as amended). Activities of the SHPO include:

Mission Statement

The SHPO works in partnership with the federal, state and local governments, Indian Tribes, and private organizations and individuals to assist in planning for the continued use and preservation of heritage resources for the benefit of future Arizonans. In order to fulfill our mission, the SHPO supports educational and outreach activities that bring awareness to Arizona’s rich archaeological heritage and unique built environment resources, provides professional guidance on best practices for preservation and conservation, and manages programs to incentivize preservation activities in the private sector.

What is Historic Preservation?

Historic Preservation is the identification, management, and protection of tangible elements from the past for future generations. It is the history that we can see and experience. As we move into the future with the explosion of new technologies, historic preservation provides an anchor to our past.

Historic preservation encourages the protection of historic and archaeological resources that are associated with important past events, themes, and people; that are representative of periods and types of architecture; possess high artistic value; or that are likely to yield valuable information about the past. Historic preservation helps us to know who we are by teaching us about from where we came. 

Click HERE for Arizona Historic Preservation Plans

How Does Historic Preservation Benefit Arizona?

  • Arizona's historic and archaeological properties are tangible reminders of the people and events that molded our state.
  • Arizona's archaeological sites hold the clues to 12,000 years of culture, land use, settlement, and exploration.
  • Historic buildings provide character and a sense of continuity for our communities.
  • Arizona's unique historic and archeological resources attract tourists from all over the world.
  • Reuse of existing historic residences and commercial properties conserves energy and materials and is less expensive than building new structures.
  • Historic preservation helps to revitalize inner-city neighborhoods and business districts.

How Can You Become Involved in Historic Preservation?

  • Learn more about the history of your community and Arizona.
  • Join a local preservation, historical, or archaeological organization.
  • Become an Arizona Site Steward Volunteer.
  • Encourage heritage education programs in your schools.
  • Support businesses in your historic downtown districts.
  • Visit local and state historic parks and archaeological sites.
  • Become involved in local and state decisions, ordinances, and legislation that affect historic and archaeological resources.
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Contact SHPO

The SHPO staff represents various areas of expertise, including prehistoric and historic archaeology, historical architecture, history, architectural history, and grants managements. To submit comments or questions, please contact:

SHPO Administrative Assistant
State Historic Preservation Office
1100 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007

(602) 542-4009 or see the SHPO Staff Directory

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