SHPO Consultation on Historic Preservation Compliance

PLEASE NOTE:   SHPO now has a general mailbox, 
All initial correspondence related to the historic preservation program (CLGs, tax act credits, NR nominations, etc.) and all initial consultation (NHPA, State Act, NEPA, non-mandated reviews, etc) should be routed through this email, with attachments, to be logged in by SHPO admin. Subsequent correspondence will be directly conducted by/with your SHPO reviewer. 

SHPO reviews all projects on a first come, first served basis, and have a 30 day review period under federal and state laws.   Actual times are usually shorter, but dependent on current workloads and complexity of the projects.

The SHPO provides technical assistance to federal and state agencies in meeting their preservation responsibilities as defined by federal and state historic preservation laws. There are two primary laws on which the SHPO aids federal and state agencies; these statutes are:  1) the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA; 54 U.S.C. 300101), and specifically Section 106 of the NHPA (54 U.S.C. 306108) as implemented through the regulations of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) at 36 CFR Part 800; and, 2) the State Historic Preservation Act (State Act; A.R.S. 41-861 et seq).  

As part of their compliance with these statutes, state and federal agencies must consult with SHPO on a variety of aspects involving the identification and evaluation of cultural properties (i.e., sites, buildings, structures, districts or objects) that are eligible for or listed on the Arizona/National Registers of Historic Places (“historic properties”), as well as assessing project effects on historic properties and consulting on appropriate measures to avoid, minimize or mitigate adverse effects to historic properties.  

The SHPO also provides advice to federal and state agencies on Tribal consultation, an important part of an agency’s consideration of effects to historic properties that have cultural and religious significance to Tribes. The SHPO supports consultation with Tribes that occurs early in project planning and throughout the project timeline, as appropriate.  The SHPO created the Government-to-Government Consultation Toolkit (G2G) to assist federal and state agencies, as well as Tribes, in their collaboration efforts.

Additionally, the SHPO assists local government entities that voluntarily comply with the state and/or federal statutes for historic preservation, or that have preservation ordinances of their own.

The SHPO Compliance Review Program staff provide technical assistance to federal, state, local and Tribal agencies through the following processes:  

1)  checking state resource inventory files; 

2)  reviewing federal, state, county, and city projects to assist in determining possible impacts from proposed projects on historic properties; 

3) explaining state and federal compliance procedures; 

4) ensuring application of state and federal professional standards and qualifications; and, 

5) providing opinions on the Arizona/National Register eligibility of cultural resources. 

For further information on this Program, call SHPO at (602) 542-4009.

SHPO Guidance Documents

SHPO Guidance Points

SHPO Survey Report Standards

Survey Report Summary Form (SRSF) - 2018 Rev.

FCC Consultation Form  (032520 Rev. 1)

Historic Context Studies

Historical Archaeology Research Guide

Arizona Thematic Studies

Interim SHPO-ASM Reporting Guidance - NEW FOR SURVEY REPORTS!!

SHPO Guidelines for the State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA)

SHPO Architectural Reviews - Supplemental Guidance

SHPO Guidance for HUD/ADOH Projects

SHPO Checklist for HUD/ADOH Submissions

2012 Guidance for Inventorying and Maintaining Historic Cemeteries

Archaeological Site Etiquette Guide


Documenting Historic In-Use Structures

Historical In-Use Structure Forms are now available for archaeologists documenting historical in-use structures during archaeological survey. We recommend that the forms be used for those resources that, in the past, would have been assigned ASM (or other) site numbers. 

The final Field Guide and the final Historical In-Use Structure forms are now available:  Click Here

Also until further notice, SHPO-reviewed HISFs are archived under the same link rather than via the AZGEO Clearinghouse.

Contact if you have any questions.

SHPO Report on State Agency Compliance

Pursuant to A.R.S. §41-862 and §41-1362, the SHPO is mandated to analyze state agencies’ compliance with the State Act on an annual basis.  The SHPO does this by submitting a survey to state agencies each year asking them to self-evaluate their performance in complying with the State Act.  The SHPO then produces a report to the Governor and the heads of the State Legislature that details the results of the state agency survey; recent reports can be accessed through the links below:

SHPO FY 2015-16 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2013-14 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2012-13 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2011-12 Report on State Agency Compliance 
SHPO FY 2010-11 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2009-10 Report on State Agency Compliance 
SHPO FY 2008-09 Report on State Agency Compliance 





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