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Historic Preservation Acts

National Historic Preservation Act  (NHPA; 54 U.S.C. 300101)

State Historic Preservation Act  (State Act; A.R.S. 41-861 et seq).  

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SHPO Guidance Documents

SHPO Guidance Points

SHPO Survey Report Standards

Survey Report Summary Form (SRSF) - 2018 Rev.

FCC Consultation Form  (032520 Rev. 1)

Historic Context Studies

Historical Archaeology Research Guide

Arizona Thematic Studies

Interim SHPO-ASM Reporting Guidance - NEW FOR SURVEY REPORTS!!

SHPO Guidelines for the State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA)

SHPO Architectural Reviews - Supplemental Guidance

SHPO Guidance for HUD/ADOH Projects

SHPO Checklist for HUD/ADOH Submissions

2012 Guidance for Inventorying and Maintaining Historic Cemeteries

Archaeological Site Etiquette Guide

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Historic In-Use Structures

The final Historical In-Use Structure forms and guide are now available:  Click Here

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AZ SHPO Consultants Lists

Arizona SHPO Historic Preservation Consultants List  -  (updated 02-02-21)

Arizona SHPO Archaeological and Ethnographical Consultants List  -   (updated 02-23-21)

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National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)

Arizona Historic Property Inventory Form (AZ SHPO) 

National Register Form (NPS Form 10-900)

National Register Form (NPS Form 10-900-a Continuation)

National Register Form (NPS Form 10-900-b Multiple Properties Documentation Form)

National Register Registration Instruction Bulletin (nrb16a-1)

For additional National Register Forms and Information Click Here

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State Property Tax Reclassification for Owner-Occupied Homes

Application and Instructions

Change of Ownership Affidavit

Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation

Guidelines Regarding Front Yard Walls/Fences

For more information on the State Property Tax Program Click Here

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Certified Local Governments

2020 Arizona CLG Contacts

2020 CLG Pass-Through Grant Application

2020 CLG Grant Description Document

General Provisions Document

For more information on Certified Local Governments Click Here

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Arizona State Historic Preservation Plans


Arizona State Historic Preservation Plan Update 2019
In effect through 2024

Arizona State Historic Preservation Plan Update 2014
In effect through 2019. See update above.

Arizona State Historic Preservation Plan Update 2009 
In effect through May 2014. See update above.

Arizona Historic Preservation Plan Update 2000
In effect through March 2007

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SHPO Report on State Agency Compliance

SHPO FY 2015-16 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2013-14 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2012-13 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2011-12 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2010-11 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2009-10 Report on State Agency Compliance
SHPO FY 2008-09 Report on State Agency Compliance

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