AZSITE is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that serves as a consolidated informational network of recorded cultural resources; including prehistoric and historic sites and properties, and surface surveys within the state of Arizona and a 40-mile buffer around the state.

In 1995, three state agencies and one private museum signed a memorandum of agreement that created the AZSITE Consortium, with the multi-year goal to computerize and share electronically archaeological and historical site files for the State of Arizona. In 2006, Governor’s Executive Order 2006-03 named the Consortium and the original four founding agencies as the official decision-making and planning body within Arizona’s Executive Branch for the AZSITE database and GIS inventory of Arizona’s historical and archaeological properties.

AZSITE Consortium Annual Report (July 2017 to June 2018)

FY 2017 AZSITE Consortium Annual Report 
FY 2014 AZSITE Consortium Annual Report 
FY 2013 AZSITE Consortium Annual Report 
FY 2012 AZSITE Consortium Annual Report 
FY 2011 AZSITE Consortium Annual Report 
FY 2010 AZSITE Consortium Annual Report 
FY 2009 AZSITE Consortium Annual Report 

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