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New! Arizona State Historic Preservation Plan Update 2019 and Public Survey

The State Historic Preservation Office is currently updating Arizona’s comprehensive state historic preservation plan. The draft plan is now available for public review Click Here.

You are encouraged to review this draft plan update and we welcome any comments, which you may provide through a SurveyMonkey survey Click Here.

Arizona Historic Preservation Plan 2014

The immediate future presents challenges great enough to sink us in despair unless we apply that most basic element of American character, optimism. American optimism is the force that transforms challenge into opportunity, the vision that sees risk as a chance for enterprise, the determination to proceed even if prospects appear gloomy. The Arizona Historic Preservation Plan of 2009 takes courage from the successes of our previous efforts and finds reassurance in the support of an ever-larger portion of the state’s citizenry. With faith in the public value of our work and dedication to the mission we have been entrusted to further, the Plan offers goals and objectives crafted to advance the tasks necessary to ensure that Arizona remains a prosperous and fulfilling home to the individuals and families who now and in the future will make it their home.

The Plan describes a number of principles that will guide the activities of the State Historic Preservation Office and are offered to our current and potential partners as means of achieving mutually beneficial outcomes:

  • Dedication to the public value of our mission
  • Fortitude in the face of challenges
  • Optimism despite setbacks
  • Perseverance despite a seemingly overwhelming task
  • Joy taken in past and present success
  • Gratitude for the help we receive and the friendships we establish
  • Satisfaction from the process as well as the outcomes of our work

Arizona Historic Preservation Plan 2009 
In effect through May 2014. See update above.

Arizona Historic Preservation Plan 2000 
In effect through March 2007

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