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Plan your trip early by making campground reservations in your favorite state parks.  Choose between 15 camping locations, each offering something different and exciting. Campgrounds are available with or without RV electrical hook-ups, they come with a fire ring, picnic table, and stunning Arizona views! Camping cabins are also available for those of you that like the idea of “glamping” a little more than roughing it…Regardless of how you spend your nights while in your Arizona State Parks campgrounds, we’re happy to have you, and look forward to showing you a great time! It’s so easy to plan your trip, just reserve a spot and go! Simply click the reservation button below the park you would like to visit, or contact the Reservation Call Center at 1-877-MY-PARKS (697-2757).

Alamo Lake State Park

Camp near one of Arizona’s premier bass fishing and water recreation locations while enjoying the simple beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Birds and animals abound here, especially from fall through spring, and give visitors an added bonus while camping here. Reserve your spot in one of five park campgrounds. After making your reservation, just show up and enjoy this lakeside desert experience!   

Alamo Lake Campground Reservations

Buckskin Mountain State Park

Reserve a camp spot near the ancient Colorado River! Enjoy a relaxing trip as the mighty Colorado takes your stress downstream with its strong current. The “River Life” is easy to get used to, especially from the comfort and security of a campground surrounded by beautiful Arizona landscape. Hike, boat, fish, or just kick back and enjoy this gorgeous slice of Arizona river real estate. Reserve your “home away from home” in one of the 90 well-maintained campsites at the park.

Buckskin Mountain Campground Reservations

Catalina State Park

Reserving a spot at Catalina’s campgrounds will ensure you have front seat access to the beautiful mountain range, and the adventure potential it holds! 120 camp sites are available for both tent and RV campers that would like to experience Arizona from the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Don’t forget your hiking shoes! Catalina State Park is home to an amazing trail network that leads users into relative remoteness if they dare to go! Reserve your spot today and see Arizona’s wildlife come alive at this desert park destination.

Catalina Campground Reservations

Cattail Cove State Park

A stay in the campgrounds at Cattail Cove State Park will show visitors the “other side” of a Lake Havasu visit. Typically, a little more laid back than other sections of the lake, this gorgeous western Arizona destination offers reservations for 61 camping and RV sites. By reserving a spot at Cattail Cove, you’re essentially reserving a spot in your memory bank for beautiful Colorado River country views and adventures!

Cattail Cove Campground Reservations

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Dead Horse Ranch State Park gives visitors a genuine feel of central Arizona, and a glimpse of the beauty found within the Verde River Valley. There’s so much to do here that reserving a camp spot seems like a viable option to ensure nothing is missed! Over 100 camp spots can be found within several campgrounds within the park. Both RV and tent campgrounds are available for reservation. Plan a trip to experience this historic and beautiful piece of the Grand Canyon State!

Dead Horse Ranch Campground Reservations

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation area is an absolute high-country dreamland located in Arizona’s White Mountains. Tent and RV campers alike have the opportunity to reserve one of over 100 campsites at the park. When you arrive, take a deep breath of the cool mountain air, then sit back and watch the puffy northern Arizona clouds roll by in true Arizona style. This year-round destination is generous with the scenery and will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Fool Hollow Campground Reservations

Homolovi State Park

Take a step back in time and enjoy the same hypnotic Northern Arizona views as the Native people many years ago! Over 53 RV and camping sites are available, most offer electric hookups. This campground is located near the Little Colorado River and offers hikes that astound with both beauty and historical context. Reserve a spot at this obscure destination, and we bet you’ll be back to experience even more of this Northern Arizona gem.

Homolovi Campground Reservations

Lyman Lake State Park

Nestled in the northern foothills of Arizona’s White Mountains, Lyman Lake State Park not only gives up a daily dose of beautiful sights, the park also showcases rich the area history of Native People. This Arizona campground is fully equipped with 38 RV hookup campsites. The remaining 18 camp spots do not offer hookups and are designed for a more “unplugged” experience. The fish are biting, the views are on point, and Lyman Lake simply doesn’t know how to disappoint visitors. Reserve a trip and see for yourself!  

Lyman Lake Campground Reservations

Patagonia Lake State Park

Southern Arizona’s crown jewel gives visitors an unforgettable experience time and again! Patagonia Lake State Park campgrounds boats an impressive 105 spots that both RV users and campers can enjoy. The area is absolutely loaded with birds and wildlife and the local trails get you into beautiful places to view them. Reserve a camp spot here and you’re sure to leave with new memories that will eventually call you back to this gorgeous Southern Arizona destination.

Patagonia Lake Campground Reservations

Picacho Peak State Park

The Sonoran Desert never looked so good, might as well reserve a front row seat in the campgrounds of Picacho Peak State Park. There are 85 campsites here, with and without electric, to choose from and they provide quick access to area trails or wildlife and bird watching opportunities. Challenge yourself and hike the peak via Hunter Trail or enjoy a leisurely stroll on another option. Either way, this slice of desert is absolutely beautiful and is best experienced through an overnight stay.

Picacho Campground Reservations

Kartchner Caverns State Park

There is literally so much to see and do at Kartchner Caverns State Park that an extended stay is almost necessary to experience the entire park. 55 campsites can be reserved for either campers or RV users to enjoy under the Southern Arizona desert sky. After touring the caves, hiking various trails, and enjoying the discovery center, you’re going to need a spot to rest easy for the night before waking up for more fun!

Kartchner Caverns Campground Reservations

Lake Havasu State Park

One of Arizona’s most popular western Arizona destinations has 45 campsites that can be reserved by campers and RV users throughout the year. Lake Havasu State Park is a great place to set up home base for a couple days on the water just boating around or taking advantage of the world class bass fishing opportunities. Hike area trails to enjoy local birds and wildlife and take in the gorgeous Arizona views around you then retire to your tent or RV to rest up for another day in the park.

Lake Havasu Campground Reservations

Lost Dutchman State Park

Just outside of the Phoenix metro area, Lost Dutchman State Park gives quick access to the general remoteness of the Superstition Mountains, and a chance to camp out under the Sonoran Desert stars. 182 campsites are situated with epic views for campers and RV users to enjoy the Arizona desert and this mystical mountain range. Trail access is fairly close to the campgrounds which affords visitors a great opportunity to get out and experience the local birds and wildlife.

Lost Dutchman Campground Reservations

River Island State Park

The ancient, slow moving Colorado River should be seen, felt, and heard to truly appreciate the history and size of this classic waterway.  The campground at River Island State Park gives visitors a front seat view form one of over 30 spots! Birds, wildlife, beautiful trails, and great fishing opportunities are all second fiddle to the general “feel” of spending a few days on the river. Reserve a spot and relax in this beautiful campground with a view.

River Island Campground Reservations

Roper Lake State Park

Nestled in the shadows of a towering Mt. Graham, Roper Lake State Park truly shines as a south eastern Arizona desert destination. In addition to the local bird and wildlife populations, the lake is home to a varied sportfish population that is seasonally stocked with rainbow trout during the winter and spring months. Catch a few fish, prepare them back in camp, and sit back while enjoying dinner with a view.   

Roper Lake Campground Reservations

Camping Cabin Rentals

Seven parks offers camping cabin rentals: Alamo Lake, Dead Horse Ranch, Kartchner Caverns, Lost Dutchman, Lyman Lake, Patagonia Lake, and Roper Lake state parks. Learn more about Camping Cabin rentals.

Reservation Call Center

Site reservations for the above parks are also available by calling the Reservation Call Center at 1-877-MY PARKS (697-2757). You can call seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST. There is a $3.20 non-refundable reservation fee per campsite.

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