Cave tours will be closed for maintenance from September 18-22, 2023.

Please see our Cave Tours page for information on how to prepare for your visit. 

Accessibility Information

Every year, over 150,000 people, from every corner of the globe and of all ages and abilities, experience the caverns. The trail system inside Kartchner Caverns is one of only a select few that was developed specifically for people with limited mobility with their ultimate experience at the forefront of our minds! If not properly prepared for the tour however, the experience could be compromised.

A tour through the Caverns may be a very emotional and incredible experience for visitors-it truly is a special place! Our goal is that everyone, regardless of ability, is able to experience the cave and the wonders contained within. Before visiting the park, please read the following information about the cave for a comprehensive understanding of logistics, methodology, and safety.

Ability 360 Accessibility Video


After watching the short video, read about the tour given to the team at Ability 360 RIGHT HERE, and find out how they made their tour an exceptional experience for people of all abilities!

NOTE: Feedback from a specific focus group of persons with limited mobility and abilities has been included in many of the recommendations below. 

  •  If you or a loved one has a disability and you want to share a story about your experience at Kartchner Caverns, please email the Parks ADA Coordinator at 
  • Most above ground and below ground areas on the park are accessible except for most parts of the hiking trails. (Hiking trails include uneven, unpaved surfaces; extended inclines/declines, steps, turns, and miscellaneous obstacles such as rocks or logs.) Access to parking areas, campgrounds, picnic areas, and buildings are designed to be wheelchair accessible. The Discovery Center doors are automatic or manually activated automatically. All restrooms and shower areas are wheelchair accessible but the doors are NON-automated and must be opened manually.


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