Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices

  • Ability 360 and Park staff recommend that people go with companions that can help with braking on grade and power on the inclines. If you or your loved one struggles with elevated grades please include a friend/caregiver to assist you in difficult areas.
  • There are several areas in the cave where the trail grade exceeds 12%. Grade changes do occur frequently. Inside the cavern, there are a few narrow passage and sharp turns.
  • Gloves with a good grip surface may help. Ability staff indicated that their hand rims were damp and slick from the humid air.
  • There are handrails throughout and flat resting spots at regular resting spots on the trail. There are short stretches where the rail does not exist.


Wheelchair Specifications and Loaner Chairs:

  • Most motorized and manual wheelchairs may be used in the cave.

Due to the limits of the trail dimensions, certain chairs may be restricted. Wheelchairs with a seat width of 18” or less and an overall width of 30” are permissible.

  • Wheelchair Loaners: Manual wheelchairs are available for loan at the Discovery Center.

Ramps: How Visitors Access the Cave Tour:

  • All visitors are taken to the cave by an accessible tram.
  • Ramps exist at all access points to the tram and the first car of each tram is designed to allow an individual to enter the car and remain in the wheelchair during the 3-minute tram ride.
  • Ambulatory visitors who wish to store their wheelchair on the car and ride on the seat may do so as well.

Limited Mobility:

  • Crutches and walkers are not allowed on tours but canes with rubber tips and walkers w/hand brakes are allowed. If you have any issue that may cause difficulties on the tour, request a park loaner wheelchair for your ease and comfort.


  • Motorized scooters are allowed on tours but due to the dimensions of the trails, some limitations exist.  Scooters should have a width of 30” or less and a total length of 40” or less. If your scooter exceeds these dimensions, you may use a Parks wheelchair.
  • Motorized scooters should be electrically powered and have a closed cell battery.
  • Scooters should have functioning brakes capable of parking on an incline/decline.
  • Ramps exist at all access points to the tram and the first car of each tram is designed to allow an individual to drive onto the car and remain on the scooter during the tram ride.


Unless in emergency situations Park staff and volunteers are not permitted by policy (State Risk Management) to assist (pushing wheelchairs ) individuals in the cave. 

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