Stage 1 fire restrictions in effect. 

Cholla campgrounds and launch ramp will be closed for the summer effective June 1.

Minnows are out of stock until October.

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Info

Alamo Lake State Park OHV Adventure Guide

Welcome to Alamo Lake State Park, a paradise for OHV enthusiasts and anyone who loves the outdoors! Nestled amid a ruggedly gorgeous slice of Western Arizona Sonoran Desert, this park offers breathtaking views, (great bass fishing), and quick access to an expansive off-highway trail network just outside the park. The Alamo Lake campground is a great place to set up a "home base" for a weekend of trail riding.  While booking your OHV adventure, please select Campgrounds C, D, or E if you plan to bring an off-highway vehicle, or you can choose to stay in one of our air-conditioned cabins. Let’s dive into the specifics that will help every trip to Alamo Lake State Park result in an unforgettable off-road adventure!

Nearby Trails

Alamo Lake State Park is surrounded by a network of exciting OHV trails that cater to all levels of experience. This land access map displays the expansive off-highway opportunities that surround the park and will be helpful when planning your trip! You can also reference our online Where to Ride guide to find trails mapped out by our ambassadors and established area OHV trailheads outside the park. 

Where to Ride Guide: PDF Version 

OHV Visitor Guidelines

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, please adhere to the following guidelines when visiting Alamo Lake State Park:

  • Ride in a Group: Never ride alone. Group riding ensures that help is available if needed and enhances the overall safety of your adventure.
  • Control Your Speed: Speed limits and common sense should guide your riding. Always be mindful of other park visitors and wildlife.
  • Keep Noise and Dust to a Minimum: Excessive noise and dust can disturb wildlife and other visitors. Be considerate and ride responsibly.
  • Stay on Designated Routes: Off-roading is only permitted on designated trails to protect the environment and prevent damage to sensitive areas.
  • Do Not Wash Your Vehicle at the Park: Help keep our water resources clean by refraining from washing your OHV in the park.
  • OHVs Must Be Licensed and Street Legal: Ensure your vehicle meets all licensing requirements and is street legal.
  • Obey Quiet Hours (10 p.m.-6 a.m.): Respect the peace and quiet of fellow campers during designated quiet hours.
  • Never Ride While Impaired: Alcohol and drugs impair your ability to operate an OHV safely. Stay sober and ride smart.
  • Use OHV Campgrounds C, D, or E: These campgrounds are specifically designated for OHV enthusiasts, providing a convenient basecamp for your adventures.
  • Keep OHVs on Pavement Within the Park: While navigating the park, keep your OHV on paved roads to minimize environmental impact.

Tread Lightly! and Arizona State Parks Partnership

At Alamo Lake State Park, we take environmental preservation seriously. Our partnership with Tread Lightly! promotes responsible and sustainable outdoor recreation. Tread Lightly! provides guidelines and education to ensure that our beautiful trails and landscapes are preserved for future generations. By following their T.R.E.A.D principles, you can help minimize your impact on the environment while enjoying the thrill of off-roading.

Your OHV Adventure Awaits

Alamo Lake State Park offers an exhilarating blend of adventure and natural beauty, perfect for any OHV enthusiast. By following these guidelines and embracing responsible riding practices, you can help preserve this stunning landscape for future adventurers. Gear up, respect the environment, and get ready for an unforgettable ride through Arizona's desert wonderland!

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