Area Attractions

Exlore that area around Alamo Lake

There is lots to do in the area around Alamo Lake State Park. Below are a few options that our guests may find useful.

OHV Trails

There are literally hundreds of miles of OHV riding trails located near the park, outside of park boundaries. The area is a popular destination for quad riders and dirt bikers. Please note that OHV use is not allowed inside the park unless the OHV is street legal (it must have a motorcycle plate). Please be respectful of other park guests. Note that a few OHV trailheads start at the border of the park. The closest gasoline is available at the Wayside Inn (see below).

The Wayside Inn

Located about six miles from the park, the Wayside Inn offers a bar and grill and the food is reportedly excellent. For more information, call (928) 925–3456.