Stage 1 fire restrictions in effect. 

Cholla campgrounds and launch ramp will be closed for the summer effective June 1.

Minnows are out of stock until October.

Annual Weather

Clear Sky Chart for stargazing at Alamo Lake State Park

The Alamo Lake Clear Sky Chart is provided by, an independent forecasting site that provides data for optimal skywatching. Learn More about the Clear Sky Chart

Alamo Lake State Park has two seasons: Hot and cold.

From June until September the temps can go from 100° to 118° in the day with lows in the upper 90s. It's usually over 100°. This is the time to bring sun block and shade. Some years are pleasant and we do not see the 100° mark until June; and other years we've seen it hit 100-plus in May. Although this is also monsoon season in Arizona we do not see much rain at the park. Humidity yes, rain no.  

October through November bring more pleasant temperatures with highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s. From December until April you can count on 60° to 70° days with lows in the 30s and even 20s. Always be prepared with extra clothing.  

Below is a listing of average daily temperatures and monthly precipitation:

Alamo Lake State Park Average Daily Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit) & Monthly Precipitation (Inches)
Month High Low Precipitation
January 63° F 33° F 1.03"
February 66° 36° 1.04"
March 71° 39° 1.13"
April 79° 44° 0.16"
May 88° 52° 0.13"
June 98° 61° 0.13"
July 101° 70° 0.94"
August 99° 69° 1.17"
September 94° 62° 0.70"
October 83° 50° 0.64"
November 71° 38° 0.59"
December 63° 32° 0.68"

Note: Weather data is provided as a general guide only. Arizona State Parks assumes no responsibility for any loss resulting from use of this information. 

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