Star Party at Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park

April 29, 2017   7:30pm

Come join the Astronomers of Verde Valley as they present the celestial happenings of the late April sky.  A 4-day-old Moon located in the constellation of Orion, the Hunter will not interfere with the many clusters and galaxies in the skies overhead. The Ghost of Jupiter will be due south with the planet Jupiter and its Galilean Moons not far away in the constellation of Virgo. Virgo is also host to galaxy clusters easily seen in telescopes. Several little known constellations such as Lynx, the Cat; Hydra, the Water Snake; Corvus, the Crow; Crater, the Chalice; Canes Venatici, the Hunting Dogs and many more will be visible under the dark skies at the park.

This program is limited to 75 participants. A $5 per person reservation fee is required for this program, in addition to the park's regular entry fees on the day of the program. Call (928) 282-6907 to reserve your spots.  Light refreshments (drinks,snacks) will be provided.