Arizona's Night Skies: Past, Present, and Future

Oracle State Park

May 20, 2017   7pm

Dr. John Barantine of the International Dark Sky Association returns for a one hour presentation at the Kannally Ranch House living room, followed by a star party with telescopes, thanks to the Oracle Dark Skies Committee.

Dark night skies loom large in Arizona’s history, and are part of why the Grand Canyon State became known as a global mecca for astronomy and space science. Access to natural nighttime darkness remains an important issue in Arizona’s current politics and plays a role in its future, as light pollution from its cities reaches ever further into the corners of our state. John will review the archaeological and historical evidence for astronomy in Arizona’s past, its development into an astronomy powerhouse in the 20th century, and threats to our night skies posed by population growth and land development in the 21st.

Finally, he will offer listeners some practical tips on simple things they can do to help preserve Arizona’s heritage of dark night skies.After the talk, the moon will be out of the way, and Jupiter will be seen in the southeast.

Please call for a reservation. Free with park admission.