The Guindani Trailhead is closed due to wildfire. Smoke may be present at the park.


The lower loop campground restroom will be closed starting at 2 p.m. April 23 until further notice.


The park will be under a fire ban starting June 1. No fires at any time, excluding propane grills (which cannot be left unattended).


Please excuse our mess. We are working hard to make future improvements to the Kartchner Caverns campground. Several areas are under construction and there may be construction noises as early as 7:00 a.m.


Please see our Cave Tours page for information on how to prepare for your visit. 

Living Cave Group Tours

Group Contact Phone Number

Please call 520-586-4100 to make a group tour reservation. To expedite your request, please complete this form and email to

Main Highlights

Kartchner Caverns is a stunning limestone cave in Southeastern Arizona and boasts many world-class features that have been protected since the cave was discovered in 1974. The cavern has been surveyed at 2.4 miles long. Kartchner is a wet, “live” cave. Water percolates from the surface and calcite features continue to grow in the darkness. The park offers two cave tours where you'll see dynamic structures such as stalactites dripping down like icicles and giant stalagmites reaching up from the ground, sometimes meeting to form a massive column. The caverns are host to a wide variety of unique minerals and formations.

The park includes a Discovery Center that houses world-class exhibits, a large gift shop, regional displays, and educational information about the caverns and the surrounding landscape. There are also campgrounds, cabins, hiking trails, shaded picnic areas, a vending area, and an amphitheater.

Kartchner Caverns is now following established nationwide protocols to prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome, a fungal disease that is killing bats. We request that if you have been in another cave or mine since 2005 you do not wear or bring any of the same clothes or shoes as on your other cave trips. If you arrive to Kartchner Caverns wearing shoes that have been in another cave, you will be asked to visit a White Nose Syndrome Decontamination Station, where your shoes will be sprayed down with rubbing alcohol to kill the fungus. Thank you for working with us to protect our bats! 

Park Activities

Allow at least three hours for the entire park experience, which includes a cave tour, a walk through the visitor center exhibits, gift shop, and enjoyment of the outdoor scenery.

Kartchner Caverns shield formationsKartchner Caverns cave tours

All tours are guided by a trained tour guide. Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made by calling: (520) 586-CAVE. The cave averages 70° Fahrenheit (21° Celsius) and 99 percent humidity year round. All cave trails are barrier-free. Due to wet surfaces and changes in grades, strollers are not allowed on the tours. Children age 6 and under are not allowed on the Big Room Tour.


The Discovery Center is an institute of learning. We need your help by being respectful of other visitors and keeping noise level down. At times the noise level can become disruptive to the other guests and to the operation of the Discovery Center. Upon your arrival your group will be met by park staff to review rules and regulations.

VIDEO PRESENTATION - There is a 15 minute video that can be watched before or after the cave tour.

MUSEUM/EXHIBIT AREAS – All the exhibits are to be used as learning tools, they are not toys. Please do not climb on top of the rock walls or other exhibits in the Discovery Center.

Running is not permitted inside the Discovery Center or any of the surrounding areas.


Group lockers are available at the Discovery Center. Please store all backpacks, purses, cameras, flashlights, water bottles, fanny packs, and cell phones prior to your tours.

Gift Shop purchases should be made AFTER your tour.  


Teachers, chaperones and students need to follow all the cavern rules. Any group not following these rules may be asked to leave the Discovery Center/Caverns.

  • Restrooms are located at the entrance to the Discovery Center and on the back patio.
  • Please make sure your group uses the drinking fountains and restroom before their tour.
  • Touching or damaging formations is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.
  • Please be respectful of others while on your tour and use inside voices at all times.
  • Jackets are NOT encouraged for cave tours. It is exceptionally warm year round inside the caverns. Your tour guide will show you the proper method of how to carry jackets during colder times of the year.


You will be riding a tram to and from the cave, please follow the instructions of your Tour Guide and driver. For your safety, stay seated and please keep hands, arms, legs and feet inside at all times. 


When visiting the Gift Shop or Café, the staff will meet you in the front of the store. The staff will explain the appropriate behavior that needs to be followed. Gift shop purchases should be made after your tour. We hope you enjoy the many souvenirs/items that are available for you to purchase.


If you plan on using the hiking trails children 16 years or younger MUST be accompanied by an adult.

  • Be sure to take plenty of water with you while on your hike.
  • Stay only on the designated trails. The bridge, tram roads, and campgrounds are off limits.
  • Climbing or hiking on top or near the entrance to the caverns is prohibited.
  • All plants, animals, flowers, rocks, and natural features are protected. Please do not damage, destroy or remove them from the park.


Restrooms are located at the entrance to the Discovery Center and on the patio behind the Discovery Center.


Reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee a tour. Reservations can be made by calling the group/school reservation number at 520-586-4100. Reservations are taken from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., (MST) M-F. Office is closed Christmas Day.

Reservations can be made up to a year in advance. There are no blocked group tours on Saturday or Sunday.

A tour confirmation letter will be mailed and tickets can be picked up at the park's "will call counter" one hour prior to the tour time. It is recommended that visitors arrive approximately one hour prior to tour time. If a group fails to show, reservations may be canceled 15 minutes prior to tour time.

Group tours can load and unload in front of the Discovery Center. The driver is welcome to visit the Discovery Center and any other above ground park facilities, including the restrooms, food concessions, and picnic areas. The park has adequate restroom facilities to accommodate a tour group.

Payment and Rescheduling Policies

Payment is due either in full when the reservation is made using a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or with a company check or money order, made payable to Kartchner Caverns State Park. Payment must be received one month prior to the tour date or the park will cancel the reservation (cashiers check or school direct check must be made payable to Kartchner Caverns State Park).

Additional Information

Please familiarize yourself with our park's Accessibility Information and our very important Park Rules.

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