Celebrate 150 years of history in Arizona's backyard.



On October 10, 1970, Fort Verde State Historic Park was officially dedicated as a state park, and we are celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Construction on the Fort started in 1871 as a base for the US Army before it was abandoned some 20 years later. One hundred years after it was built, the four surviving structures were officially dedicated as a state park site, to be conserved and enjoyed by all.

“We’re proud to celebrate Fort Verde’s golden anniversary,” said Executive Director Bob Broscheid. “The park teaches an important piece of Arizona’s history and preserves artifacts and stories for generations to come. Our park staff and amazing volunteers have brought these stories to life and shared their dedication to the park for 50 years.”

The Fort has grown to provide not only year-round tours of the historic buildings, but in the past has also hosted special candlelit tours during the holiday season, vintage baseball on the green, veterans events, and even a community garden. Fort Verde is a pillar of the Camp Verde community and a resource whose history it will preserve for many years to come. This year, the town of Camp Verde is celebrating with various town events, including a parade themed “Go for the Gold.”

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the state park and its history but are asked to wear masks inside park buildings and limit group size to 50 or fewer.

Take a Glimpse of the Past!

Take a virtual tour through the history of Fort Verde! Click on the links below and experience the high points of our historic property. Enjoy these entertaining interpretive videos!

The Hallway

The Parlor

The Dining Room

The Kitchen

The Master Bedroom

The Outhouse

The Son's Bedroom

The Daughter's Bedroom

The Surgeon's Quarters

Vintage Baseball - video credit to Ted Kaufman

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Vintage Baseball - video credit to Ted Kaufman

Take the whole tour!