Learn Your Lizards Guided Walk

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park

July 8, 29, and 30, 2017   8am

This entertaining guided tour around the gardens is not just for kids -- popular Lizard Walks are for all who enjoy Arizona's most common, colorful and charismatic little reptiles. There's no additional fee to attend Lizard walks and other nature tours here, and no pre-registration necessary, just be in our Visitor Center breezeway at start time. Check out this sneak preview of from Arizona Wildlife Views on YouTube.

Our guide ‘Wild Man Phil’ Rakoci is joined by Arizona Game & Fish researcher Dan Leavitt and reptile wrangler Jamie Wisenall. July ends with a special weekend of reptile walks, Phil Rakoci guides Saturday July 29 and also Sunday July 30 when he's joined by Steven Prager and Cathy Wise of Arizona Audubon.

See photos and read more at arboretum.ag.arizona.edu.