Long Term Camping

Alamo Lake State Park blocks sites for Long Term Camping from October 1 through March 31. (Cattail Cove State Park also offers LTC. You can click here to learn more.)

To make a long-term camping reservation (longer than two weeks), call (877) MY-PARKS. We will find a site that is available for the length of stay you request. We'll also collect camping fees for the first two weeks and block out the duration of your stay in two-week increments.

The minimum length of stay for a long-term site is 28 nights (four weeks). Maximum length of stay is 84 nights (12 weeks).

Upon arrival, the first two weeks of camping will have been paid in advance through the reservation process. After the first two weeks have ended, provide payment in two-week increments on the last day of each two-week segment. Make your payment at the contact station. If your should decide to depart earlier than planned, the standard reservation cancellation policy will apply. All other policies and rules governing camping will remain in effect.