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Rocky Ringtail

Outreach Ambassadors

Outreach Ambassadors will assist us with dissemination of information regarding parks and programs. This primarily will be staffing information booths at community events. Volunteers who are interested in further training may be asked to present general information to community groups (such as Kiwanis, etc.) regarding the park system, or specific parks, as needed.

Rocky Ringtail

Arizona State Parks' mascot, Rocky Ringtail, is sometimes requested for community events to highlight the Junior Ranger program. This requires someone to wear the mascot costume, and one or more "wranglers" to guide the person in the costume. The costume has certain physical requirements and cleaning procedures. Training and a handbook will be provided.


Wranglers are guides for Arizona State Parks' mascot, Rocky Ringtail. The person wearing the costume is not permitted to speak, and has limited hearing and vision. Wranglers guide Rocky, speak for Rocky, help Rocky get to a hidden place for breaks, drinks and restroom visits. Wranglers interact with people, help them get their photo taken with Rocky, and answer questions about parks and programs.

Location: Various locations, primarily in Maricopa County to start..
Crew Manager: Kathy Farretta, (602) 542-6948
Email: kfarretta(at)azstateparks.gov
Duration: Volunteers will be asked to support at least 5 booth shifts (usually 4 – 5 hours) or 3 presentations (or a combination of both) within a year of service.
Volunteers Needed: 20
Minimum Age: 12 years of age (minors will be required to be accompanied by an adult)
Difficulty: Moderate – volunteers need to be comfortable speaking one-on-one with people of all ages as well as being around large groups of people. Ability to stand for long periods and to set up tables, chairs, and displays. Training is necessary for these positions – specifics will be given once volunteers register.
Equipment Provided By Park: Supplies for all presentations will be provided.
Project ID: 005



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