Decal Money At Work (2010-11)

Table Mesa OHV Area Improvement (Project #571011), Summer 2011

Table Mesa OHV Area improvements were completed. Download Summary & Photo History of Program (PDF Document 4 MB PDF) Work completed on the area include:

  • Construct 9 miles of new 60 inch ATV/UTV/ MC route for little Pan trail loops. *Repair an additional 27 miles of
  • existing jeep route in this trail area to allow safe connecting to new route. (added the 9995, 9980, 9981, 9986A, 9998 jeep routes to work)
  • Construct 2.5 miles of Jeep Road to access 2 rock crawler routes (upper Terminator TV3 and added Lower Colateral Damage TV6)
  • added Build access road to western River Crossing (9980A)
  • added Rebuild the river crossing road at 9981 near the Gillette Mine .7 miles
  • added Rebuild the river access road 9986A .5 miles
  • Re-vegetate 2.4 acres of closed cherry stem road and shooting areas. Added 1.4 acres to rehab.

Before brushing and limbing (left) and after (right). This aspect of the project took 9 hours, 100 miles on truck with chainsaw and loppers. Download compelte photo history above.

Hayfield Draw OHV Trail 543 Improvements, March 2011

28 structures were installed or improved between the 543 trailhead and 543/545 junction using the SWECO trail dozer. Six preexisting functional drains were cleaned and the cattle guard near the trailhead was cleaned out and repositioned. The tread work will minimize the impacts of erosion substantially; the accessibility and safety of the trail for beginning users was also increased greatly. Download Summary (PDF Document 1 MB PDF) for map and more details.

  • March 2-5 work done by Bill Shoemaker, Justin Ragan, Loryn Isaacs
  • March 12 by Jason Williams, Justin, and Loryn
  • March 17-18 by Justin and Loryn

To reduce impact to the surrounding area, the SWECO is turned around where the drain will be built (left). Fixed severe erosion point (with rock fill) and installed rolling grade dip to prevent future trenching (right).

Structure R before and after. A standard rolling grade dip with a wide, sloping drain. Material taken from the
drain is used to build a berm perpendicular to the tread, which is compacted

Structure U before and after

Structure Z2 before and after. At the top of hill (right) is the cattle guard, which was partially filled in by erosion uphill. The guard was reinstalled after another grade dip was put in just above it (structure Z). The area was also cleaned out, re-leveled, and a downhill pullout was widened to increase safety and ease of access when there’s higher traffic

Structure Z3 before and after. Worst erosion point on tread (left, located near the trailhead). Filled trench with several tons of rocks, created gentle slope for durability and userfriendliness, and installed a large rolling grade dip (see Figure 4) uphill of site.

Projects Started & Completed 2010

Update by Jeff Gursh. This has been a busy year with many needed projects being completed. BLM and AZOHVC/ATR have added additional items to our 2009 Assistance agreement and also added a Challenge Cost Share agreement for a Stewardship program at the Table Mesa OHV area. The big picture … things are going well with the both the RTP grants and the OHV Decal Grants. Over 4200 hours of volunteer time alone, Valued at $85,975.00, was this years match from AZOHVC partnership.

RTP Completed April 2010
Boulders OHV area trail repairs and drainage project.
30 miles of OHV routes repaired LP5, LP9, LP11, LP10 and LP8 Trail A; 60 trail signs installed; 5, 15 inch culverts installed on LP 10; Cattle Guard installed on LP8 (match from AZOHVC and Game and Fish)

OHV Decal Project
OHV Staging/multiuse area near Lake Pleasant, Air Strip project.
This is an old landing strip that was submitted for a OHV Decal Grant. Reduce resource damage through fencing and building a defined access road from Cow Creek road to landing strip. This project will be completed 1/20/10 (final ½ mile of fence installed)

Once road bed was constructed, fencing was added to keep use on approved road and added to perimeter of area being rehabbed. A turn around or pass thru near the kiosk was added for those who were looking for information on the area and not staying. In addition to this area, ½ mile of fence was also added along Cow Creek road to keep illegal access to area out, idea is to better manage area with only one main access point off of Cow Creek Road.

Looking West from landing strip (left) & kiosks pass through (right).

OHV Decal Project
RZR and trailer for OHV Stewardship and education grant work.
This is equipment used to transport BLM Ranger around Table Mesa OHV area. Ranger is part of a Challenge Cost Share agreement from AZOHVC and BLM and is a match to the OHV Decal grant for equipment. RZR will double its value when used to maintain trails with drag or trail rack. Submitted and reimbursed from Parks OHV Decal Fund Nov. 2010

Pick up at Ride Now Dealer, purchased in local economy. Extended warranty part of package. No cost to BLM for 3 years. (left) & AZOHVC designed and fabricated rack.

OHV Decal Project (as of 3/24/11 90% complete)
OHV Staging /multiuse area 60 inch trails at Table Mesa OHV area
This is a partial completion (60% complete) to connect segments of existing trail to create looped trail opportunities and better manage OHV and Multiuse recreation in this area. As part of this project, old shooting areas and damaged land from illegally created routes were rehabbed and replanted. These routes and areas were off of or on areas being worked on and plants were relocated to damaged areas from Segment connection areas. 6 miles of routes have been connected under BLM travel planning, with 8 areas rehabbed. Signs have been install on new routes.

West end of 9933 60 inch trail segment connections

East end down hill, side slope route (left) heavy rock in wash areas (right).

BLM Mines funds projects Completed Aug. 2010
BLM Boulders OHV area, Quintero area and LP1 and 2.2 days locating and identifying open mine shafts for fencing and or closure. Work with BLM Roy Draper and crew to fence in and sign 11 mine sites near OHV trails. Volunteer time

BLM Damaged Lands projects OHV DECAL FUND Completed Sept. 2010
BLM Boulders OHV area, LP 8 cattle guard.
BLM Donated personnel (operator) and backhoe to install a AZOHVC cattle guard (donated by Gand F) to replace wire gate on allotment fence line on LP 8 jeep trail. This is part of the looped 22 mile route access guides are available for. AZOHVC donated volunteer time to layout and work with G and F to acquire needed materials for project.

BLM Damaged Lands projects OHV DECAL FUND Completed Nov. 2010
Table Mesa cleanup and rehab work.
This is a continuing project which has multiple grants to do work needed to manage recreation in this area. This project rehabs 3 acres of illegal road and shooting area by recontouring with Sutter /SWECO trail tractor, hand work and replanting and reseeding areas. Three days were spent on this project.

Before (left) & After (right)

Before (left) & After (right)

BLM Damaged Lands projects OHV DECAL FUND Completed Nov. 2010
Table Mesa river crossing on 9980 and road repairs on the 9995 from Black Canyon Trail head off of Table Mesa Road.
This project constructs a bypass to cross the river rather than allowing OHV to follow the river bottom to pick up the existing 9980 route heading west. This will , in the near future , have some type of barrier to keep illegal OHV activity out of the river bottom. AZOHVC Design and layout, brushing and construction were included in this project. BLM surveys and all required documents were done after layout and before any work was initiated.

Care was taken to do as little removal of vegetation as possible for road .

Use of natural terrain and plants were used as much as possible to keep use on route.

BLM Damaged Lands projects Completed Nov. 2010
Layout and Archeological survey for Bypass of private property and access to Rock Crawler route Table Mesa Area.
This allows access and exit to the Collateral damage Technical vehicle route #TV-6. Layout a jeep wide route on BLM land to access TV-6. Design for “rookie filter” or limiter to control access to prepped 4x4 vehicles. Survey route for construction , change design if required to mitigate any cultural issues. Isolated Lithic materials found. Relocate route 20 feet south.

BLM Damaged Lands projects (draws from Damage Lands #L09AC15760-0001-AZ00)
Archeological survey of future rehab/re-vegetate area at landing strip project north of Lake Pleasant.
This area has several grants going on at one time, OHV Decal , Dust and Damaged Lands. This project surveys area that will need to be recontoured and replanted with native plants and seed. Survey showed several isolated pot shards but will allow reclaiming and revegitating of area. 2011 planting project. Completed Nov. 2010.

Rehab area (left) & survey data (right)

BLM Damaged Lands projects OHV DECAL FUND Completed March 2010
Boulders OHV area, replacement signs LP 5 to LP2.
This project replaces and adds new signs to the Boulders OHV area. Signs include , stop signs on each side of the Quintero road crossing LP2, as well as slow and courtesy Zone signs to reduce sound and dust along hwy trail.

Courtesy Zone markers slow (left) & at road crossing near Quintero (right)

BLM Damaged Lands projects OHV DECAL FUND Completed June 2010
Boulders OHV area. Repair trails damaged by heavy rains.
LP 10 and LP8 area. Sutter/SWECO tractor brought back in to make repairs. 2 days.

Main wash area LP10 (left) & road is the wash from above trail (right).

BLM Damaged Lands projects (draws from Damage Lands #L09AC15760-0001-AZ00) Completed June 2010
Air Strip project area, user damage to open space.
This project is to add fill to areas damaged by users this spring during heavy rains, users created “mud bog pits” as deep as 3 feet. This project filled in this damage and allowed OHV Decal Road project to be started. AZOHVC worked with Otto Trucking to deliver free fill from near by road construction, BLM equipment and operator spread and leveled materials.

Before (left) & After (right)

BLM Damaged Lands project OHV Decal Funds Completed 2/2011
Boulders OHV Area road work and parking area ABC road project.
This project raises the road bed and adds ABC road mix with a Binder to harden the road and reduce dust. Parking area (4 acres) was also done this way. Previously, a Dust palliative was use but the cost was prohibitive to continue with (over $80,000/yr)

200 loads, 4000 tons of gravel, MC2 binder under and between loads. Start at 6 am

MC2 binder in barrels, mix with water (left) & Grader rests while more gravel arrives (right).

Final pass with MC2 binder (left) &fFinish grade ABC road mix with signs installed.

Start parking area ABC (left) & West side parking finish grade and final MC2 (right).

Final grading on east side of parking area and MC2 binder added.

Tonto National Forest OHV Decal Fund projects PENDING Start 2011
Repair 50 miles of road with over 30 in the North of Bartlett Dam road closed fire area.
Remaining trails are south side down to the river. This project is pending workable agreement between AZOHVC and Forest Service to perform work.

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