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Annual Weather

Patagonia Lake State Park is located at about 3750 feet in elevation. We experience a mild winter that usually begins in December and ends mid-March with one or two days of snow that usually melts off quickly. Winter is a very popular time for birding and wildlife watching here and summer activities revolve around the beautiful lake! 

Spring temperatures are mild and this is a great time for hiking, fishing, water sports and birding. Summer kicks off our busy season with June and July being our hottest months. Monson rains usually arrive in July and start to cool things off some. Swimming is allowed and usually continues into October.

Below is a listing of average daily temperatures and monthly precipitation:

Patagonia Lake State Park 
Average Daily Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit)
& Monthly Precipitation (Inches)
Month Temperature Precipitation
High Low
January 64° F 27° F 1.31"
February 67° 30° 1.09"
March 71° 34° 1.00"
April 78° 38° 0.49"
May 86° 45° 0.32"
June 96° 54° 0.54"
July 94° 64° 4.27"
August 92° 63° 4.24"
September 90° 56° 1.68"
October 82° 44° 1.84"
November 72° 33° 0.78"
December 64° 28° 1.47"

Note: Weather data is provided as a general guide only. Arizona State Parks assumes no responsibility for any loss resulting from the use of this information.