A fish consumption advisory has been issued recommending that walleye caught at Lyman Lake not be consumed due to tissue data indicating elevated levels of mercury. You can find more information on our Fishing page for Lyman Lake State Park.


Lyman Lake State Park invites all watercraft users to enjoy the lake, but we ask that you do so responsibly. That means ensuring that your watercraft meets all of the state's regulations for motorized and non-motorized watercrafts.

To learn more about the registration, usage, and what type of safety equipment you should bring, visit the Arizona Game and Fish's watercraft information page to make sure you have everything you need before you hit the water.

Here are a few tips to help visitors "navigate" the use of watercrafts on Lyman Lake:

  • There are no restrictions on boat sizes.
  • Sailboats and sailboarder may take the opportunity afforded by light winds traveling down the valley.
  • Personal watercraft and jet skis are commonly launched from shore or ramp.
  • Skiing may be done in the center of the lake and on the northwest end.

Boat Ramps

Lyman Lake State Park has two paved boat ramps available for use. Both ramps are located inside the park just north of the Ranger Station/Park Store:

  • The north boat ramp has a double wide lane.
  • The east boat ramp is a single lane ramp that only allows one boat to launch at a time.

Non-Motorized Watercraft

Canoes, kayaks, and other non-motorized watercraft may launch at either boat ramp or from shore.