Tribute Wall

Nineteen Granite Mountain Hotshots perished while protecting us, but their sacrifice is not forgotten. Visitors from across the country leave items of tribute, remembrance and gratitude at the site.

Gone...But Not Forgotten

Granite Mountain Hotshots Tribute Wall

Arizona State Parks and Trails periodically collects the items left at the park and preserves them in its permanent collection. Click the pins on the map to see items that have been left for the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

For items that indicate an organization, the pins are generally located at the organization’s headquarters. For items that do not indicate a particular individual or organization, the pins are located in Prescott, Arizona where the Granite Mountain Hotshots were based.

Visitors are encouraged to leave items on the Tribute Wall on the ridge overlooking the Fatality Site. The area within the gabions at the Fatality Site is reverent ground. Please do not enter it for any reason.


Fireman Joe's Tribute

Thank You Fireman Joe! Your 300+ mile run from California to the park and your hike on the 5th anniversary was an amazing tribute to the Hotshots lives and memory.

Fireman Joe Granite Mountain Hotshots Tribute

Additional information on items that have been collected and are preserved through the Tribute Fence Preservation Project can be viewed at:

Charitable organizations that involve family members include:

Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildlife Firefighters

The Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildland Firefighters was created after the Yarnell Hill Fire (6-30-13), which claimed the lives of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots, including my husband, Eric Marsh.  Eric was the Superintendent of the crew.  His death and the death of all 19 men caused a cyclone of grief, emotion, devastation, ruination, soul crushing, life altering and Phoenix creating experiences that have culminated in the creation and the evolution of the Eric Marsh Foundation. 

Explorers for Life Association - Kevin Woyjeck

The Kevin Woyjeck Explorers for Life Association, Inc. was created to bring a positive light to a terrible tragedy. Our son Kevin was only 21 years old when he was killed in a burn over along with 18 other young men of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew.  Many families suffered unimaginable sadness and loss due to this tragic event. For our family, it seemed like the only way to move forward with the healing process was to continue Kevin’s legacy through helping others. Kevin was best known for his love of life, his youthful energy, and his desire to serve others and make a difference.

Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute - Andrew Ashcraft/William Warneke

On June 30th, 2013 19 Wildland Firefighters of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew from Prescott, Arizona died when they were entrapped in a canyon at Yarnell, Arizona in the Yarnell Hill Fire.

From this great loss of life three women, Juliann Ashcraft, Deborah Pfingston, and Roxanne Preston worked together to form the Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute. Juliann lost her husband, Andrew Ashcraft, Deborah lost her son, Andrew Ashcraft, and Roxanne lost her husband, William “Billy” Warneke in the Yarnell Hill Fire. Through their grief the three women dedicated themselves to learning about Wildland Firefighting, delved into discovering what truly happened to the Granite Mountain Hotshots that led to their deaths, and committed themselves to protecting the safety of Wildland Firefighters so that another preventable tragedy like the Yarnell Hill Fire does not occur again.

Granite Mountain Hotshots Interagency Crew Learning & Tribute Center - Eric Marsh/Scott Norris

Located at the Gateway Mall in Prescott, AZ. (MAP IT) this new center provides a wealth of information on the work and lives of the Hotshots. Included are informational panels on Wildland Firefighting, each Hotshot member, various tribute items left by visitors from across the globe and information on the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park in Yarnell, AZ.