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Annual Weather

Oracle State Park Clear Sky Chart

Oracle has long been recognized as a quick escape from the oppressive summer temperatures of Tucson. People come here to experience summer highs in the high eighties and low nineties, opposed to the triple digit temperatures typically experienced during the summer in Tucson.  Yearly monsoons grace this beautiful slice of southern Arizona with six to eight inches of rainfall between July and September. These brief evening storms roll in beautifully and can be watched from the safety of the Kannally Ranch House before resuming your outdoor activities after watching the weather move on. By September, Oracle State Park is experiencing highs are in the mid to low eighties. In fact, September, October, and November are typically regarded as the nicest months to visit Oracle, although March, April and May, are just about perfect as well.

Winters can be quite chilly in Oracle, with a fifty year average of snowfall being 10.9”, however, this is not the norm. Winter is also our rainiest season, usually providing more precipitation than the summer monsoons. Average winter high temperatures are in the low sixties with lows in the mid-thirties.

Below is a listing of average daily temperatures and monthly precipitation:

Oracle State Park Average Daily Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit) & Monthly Precipitation (Inches)
Month Temperature Precipitation
High Low
January 56° F 35° F 2.48"
February 60° 37° 2.60"
March 65° 40° 2.51"
April 72° 45° 0.91"
May 82° 54° 0.62"
June 92° 64° 0.40"
July 92° 67° 3.26"
August 89° 66° 4.09"
September 86° 62° 1.96"
October 76° 51° 2.01"
November 64° 41° 1.83"
December 56° 35° 2.25"

Note: Weather data is provided as a general guide only. Arizona State Parks assumes no responsibility for any loss resulting from the use of this information.


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