Parking may be reduced. Limited day use will be allowed.


Slide Rock State Park is a very popular recreation site that attracts many visitors throughout the year. Due to limited parking and a need to protect the precious resources we ask the following of our visitors:

  • We ask that every visitor do their part by carpooling and keep traffic moving on the roadway to help with safety and to comply with Title 28 A.R.S. 28-873.
  • To find public parking at Uptown visit
  • Slide Rock State Park will be re-vegetating along the banks.  There is no foot access on these banks down to Slide Rock State Park. These banks will be marked with multiple signs prohibiting access for re-growth purposes. The park can be accessed at the entry station and bridge using Master Card or Visa. 
  • For safety for all visitors, coolers will be checked for glass bottles which are prohibited at the park. No amplified music is allowed so make sure you bring your ear buds! 

Thank you in advance for helping us to continue our efforts in providing a wonderful outdoor experience.  We have more news to come in the coming months ahead!  Stay tuned for the most recent updates! 

Enjoy Slide Rock State Park!!!!

Park Location and Directions

Google Map

Slide Rock Park Map

Slide Rock Park Map

Download Printable Park Map
Park Map shows you an overview of the park, including picnic areas, trails, the Slide Rock swim area, and more.


4930 ft

GPS Coordinates to park entrance

Decimal Degrees (WGS84)
Latitude: 34.944347
Longitude: -111.752801

Degrees, Minutes & Seconds
Latitude: N34 56 39
Longitude: W111 45 10

Latitude: N 34 56.661 
Longitude: W 111 45.168

X: 431258 
Y: 3867130