Park is open Friday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Stage 1 fire restrictions in effect.


Verde Valley Trails

Six trails meander this high desert location in central Arizona and each gives users a unique perspective of the Verde Valley. Looking for a hike with expansive views and the chance to see a variety of birds and wildlife? Try out the Pasture Loop Trail. How about a trail that follows the Verde River to explore the riparian zone beneath a canopy of cottonwood and sycamore trees? This park has that too, plus several other exciting trail experiences to help you get to know the Verde Valley!

The mild weather at Rockin' River allows trail users an extended season and a chance to get outside when it's too cold up north, and too hot in the Sonoran Desert. Please use the trails with caution during the summer months (avoiding them on the hottest days) and, as always, bring plenty of water on your hike.    

These trails are shared use, permitting foot traffic, mountain bikes, and equestrians. Please recreate responsibly, remaining on the trail to protect the habitat, and respecting others by sharing the trail. No stables or equestrian staging areas are available for public use.


Buckaroo Trail (0.4 mi) 

This connector trail can be accessed via the Miano Trailhead on the south end of the park. The Buckaroo Trail bisects the southern loop portion of the White Cliffs trail and gives users an up close and personal look at the high desert scrub country adjacent to the Verde River. 

Miano Trail (0.3 mi)     

Go left from the trailhead and into the riparian zone before ending at the junction with the White Cliffs Trail or go right from the trailhead to connect to the opposite end of the White Cliffs trail in the high desert. Keep an eye out for wildlife that associates closely with the river like beavers and river otters. There is some great birding to be experienced on this short trail as well. 

Outlaw Trail (0.3 mi)

The Outlaw Trail will connect users to the White Cliffs and Pasture Trails from either the Pasture or White Cliffs trailheads.

Pasture Loop Trail (1.2 mi)

Beginning at the Ranch House, the Pasture Loop Trail showcases the northwest quadrant of the park. Users will appreciate the expansive mountain views of Porcupine Peak to the south and the variety of birds and wildlife that frequent the area. It’s not uncommon to see large flocks of meadowlarks erupting from the pasture land along the trail. About halfway through your hike, you’ll encounter Woods Ditch Pond and a chance to see waterfowl like mallards, teal, and the occasional wood duck. Keep an eye out for wildlife using the pond. Javelina and deer (both mule and Coues deer) visit the pond to drink and feed on the lush vegetation that encircles it. 

Woods Ditch Pond is closed to public entry. Please stay on the trail.

Shady Acres Trail (0.2 mi)

This scenic trail parallels the main park road beneath a canopy of cottonwood and sycamore trees. Pick up the trail just outside the Ranch House, cross the road (don't forget to look both ways), and quickly transition into a birding and wildlife hotspot in the riparian zone near the Verde River. On the north end of the trail, enjoy a rest and a snack at the picnic tables available. Please remember to pack out all wrappers and trash with you.

White Cliffs Trail (1.7 mi)

The longest trail in the park, the White Cliffs Trail can be reached from the White Cliffs Trailhead or a variety of junctions with other trails in the park. You'll get an all-encompassing trail experience here from the high desert to the riparian zone along the Verde. You'll find plenty of river access on this trail along with awesome birding, wildlife watching, fishing, and serenity.   

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