Stage 1 fire restrictions in effect.

For the protection of habitat, please stay on designated trails. Swimming and wading in the creek are prohibited. ADA service animals only.


Sedona Hiking Trails

The 5-mile trail network consists of interconnecting loops which lead you along the lush greenery of Oak Creek and the famed red rocks of Sedona. These Sedona hiking trails are family-oriented and clearly marked for your safety and pleasure. The Eagle's Nest Loop and the Apache Fire Loop are joined together by the Coyote Ridge Trail which creates one of the best trails in Arizona for family enjoyment. Eagle's Nest is the highest point in the park with an elevation gain of 300' and offers amazing views of the red rock escarpments that have helped catapult Sedona into a worldwide destination. These three major loops are connected along the riparian corridor by the Kisva Trail, which also leads up to the short loop of the Yavapai Ridge Trail. The Javelina Trail takes you into the pinyon/juniper woodlands and back to the other loops. Stop by the visitor center desk for detailed information before starting out on the trails, or visit the main hiking page for featured trail information. Bikes and horses are only allowed on designated routes.

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One of the accessible hiking trails in Red Rock State Park in SedonaYavapai Ridge
Rattlesnake Ridge
Mesquite Interpretive Loop
Lime Kiln #82
House of Apache Fires
Eagle's Nest
East Gate
Coyote Ridge
Apache Fire

Equestrian Trails

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Red Rock State Park offers limited equestrian trails in the park, however it does provide access to several Forest Service trails located nearby. The Lime Kiln Trail is located near the park entrance and the Turkey Creek trail is located at the park’s east gate. Horses should follow the painted horse tracks on paved roads. There is a hitching post located near the Visitor Center. 


While most trails in the park are off-limits to bicycles, there is access to several popular Forest Service trails from within the park. The Lime Kiln Trail is located right outside the entrance to the park and there are various trails located outside the park’s east gate. A common route taken by bikers is the 6.2-mile Cathedral Bike Loop, which takes you out of the park via the east gate, down Verde Valley School Road, across Oak Creek (no bridge) and back to the park’s entrance on the Upper Loop Road.

A man hiking the Lime Kiln Trail from Cottonwood to SedonaHiking the Lime Kiln Trail

Lime Kiln Trail: Bike, Hike, or Horse Ride

The Lime Kiln Trail was completed in 2006. This scenic Sedona area hiking trail connects Dead Horse Ranch State Park (Cottonwood) with Red Rock State Park (Sedona). The Lime Kiln Trail traverses a 15-mile section of Arizona's high desert and is dedicated as a shared-use, non-motorized trail experience.

The Lime Kiln leg follows a portion of the historic Lime Kiln Wagon Road. Originally the Lime Kiln road provided access to a Kiln that was constructed in the 1800s. The Kiln was used to burn limestone to create lime used as an ingredient of the mortar needed to construct fireplaces and chimneys. Soon after the construction of the kiln, the road was extended and used as a route between Sedona and Jerome. The remains of the kiln can still be seen beside the trail. Download Lime Kiln Trail Map

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