Southern Arizona: A Winter Wonderland for OHV Enthusiasts

February 11, 2024

As winter snow blankets many regions of the country, the sun-kissed landscapes of southern Arizona beckon Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts with ideal weather and plenty of adventure potential amid panoramic desert views! We’re thrilled to share these exciting opportunities awaiting OHV enthusiasts in the breathtaking deserts of Southern Arizona.

Arizona’s southern region is a vast piece of real estate and many of the OHV experiences found there require a couple days (at least) to fully explore. Choose your adventure from challenging crawls to scenic, leisurely routes with expansive views, and everything in-between – southern Arizona offers a diverse range of exciting OHV trails catering to riders of all skill levels.

Featured Southern Arizona Trails

South Patagonia Mountains: Just 15 minutes south of your cabin or campsite at Patagonia Lake State Park, the Patagonia mountains and their associated foothills give riders an up close and personal look into Southern Arizona OHV adventure. Take the Kino Springs Road East from Beyerville to the junction of Duquense Road and take a right. If you trailer your OHV from the park, this staging area puts you within reach of nearly unlimited outdoor adventure.

Control Road/Old Mt. Lemmon Road: Take Highway 77 from Catalina to American Ave. in Oracle only 20 minutes from Catalina State Park. Follow American Ave. until you reach E. Mt. Lemmon Highway and take a right. This scenic drive turns into a well-maintained dirt road that will give OHV enthusiasts a variety of options, including access to some technical rides like Rice Peak.  

This winter, let southern Arizona be your playground. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner seeking a new thrill, these OHV experiences invite you to create lasting memories in the stunning landscapes of southern Arizona. Embrace the freedom of the open trail and experience the adventure that awaits you.

Arizona State Parks and Trails Support

Our agency is committed to preserving Arizona’s natural beauty by managing a variety of OHV grant and outreach programs designed to promote safe and responsible use, develop and maintain OHV trails and support facilities, and connect with the OHV community through education and law enforcement efforts. Our state off-highway vehicle coordinator, Matthew Eberhart, says, “Responsible OHV recreation is the key to ensuring that future generations of riders are able to enjoy all of the incredible opportunities Arizona offers.”

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