Explore Resources and Maps for Amazing Off-Highway Vehicle Experiences

January 17, 2023

PHOENIX –  Arizona State Parks and Trails not only manages more than 30 parks and natural areas, but also the statewide Off-Highway Vehicle Program. This program offers education and resources for anyone interested in exploring Arizona’s unique and picturesque backcountry.

With nearly 40,000 miles of off-highway trails throughout the state, riders may have difficultly finding the right type of experience to meet their needs. By working with land managers across Arizona, Arizona State Parks and Trails has identified the best off-highway trail experiences available and organized them into an easy-to-use format. This resource enables off-highway vehicle enthusiasts to plan their next OHV adventure more efficiently and focus on making unforgettable memories on the trail. Land manager contact info and trail information, plus directions to OHV trailheads throughout the region, are available online at AZStateParks.com/Where-To-Ride.

Included within this resource is a group of fully mapped bonus trails. Find a trail, download the map, click to get directions, then trailer up and hit the road! It’s that easy to find a quality ride in any of the state’s six regions. Whether you’re looking for a high country adventure filled with wildlife viewing, trout fishing opportunities, and expansive views from high in the White Mountains or you’re more of a desert rat who is right at home on the saguaro-studded Sonoran Desert trails, there are plenty of experiences like that, and everything in between! 

From the Where to Ride page, users have the option of jumping into one of two portals. Click into the Show Me Rides portal to access rides mapped out by our OHV Ambassadors. These rides are pre-packed OHV experiences assembled to make it easier to get outside. Click on the Arizona OHV Trailheads image to enter a portal that includes a statewide resource to find and use OHV trails and their corresponding trailheads throughout Arizona. These trailheads are a great jumping off point to create an individual OHV experience. 

Riders will also find resources and information about riding responsibly available online as well.  As off-highway vehicle activities increase in popularity, it’s incredibly important to practice responsible recreation and leave the areas as undisturbed as possible to preserve the areas for future generations, as well as the wildlife in the area. OHV riders can also find out where to get a resident or non-resident decal, permits for State Trust Land, or even look into the agency’s motorized trail grants program.

Managing and conserving Arizona's natural, cultural and recreational resources for the benefit of the people, both in our parks and through our partners.

For information about the more than 30 Arizona State Parks and Natural Areas, trails, grants, Off-Highway Vehicle Program, and State Historic Preservation Office, call 1-877-MY-PARKS or visit AZStateParks.com.

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