Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November 1, 2022

PHOENIX – November is Native American Heritage Month–a time to appreciate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, histories, and important contributions of Native people. Here are five ways you can celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Arizona State Parks and Trails.

1. Join Homolovi State Park for an interpretive program

The park's rangers offer talks and hikes on petroglyphs, pueblos, and pottery. Or, explore Homolovi State Park's museum exhibits to learn more about the history of the ancient people who inhabited this area, and the continuing Hopi traditions and art of today.

2. Hike the Petroglyph Trail at Lyman Lake State Park

Grab our online Prehistory Interpretive Booklet and set off for a hike into history down the Petroglyph Trail. The prehistoric inhabitants of the upper Little Colorado River drainage left petroglyphs as a rich material record of their habitation and migration, described of ancestors in Hopi oral tradition. Several large pueblos dating from 1300-1400 AD are also located in the Lyman Lake State Park area.

3. Brush up on archaeological site etiquette

Historic cultural artifacts are a resource that if damaged or destroyed, can never be replaced again. Help us protect history by following these eight guidelines when visiting sensitive sites. Educators, this information also includes an overview of Project Archaeology: an interdisciplinary and science based Archaeological curriculum available to 3rd - 5th grade history teachers

4. Learn about the Arizona Site Stewards Program

The Arizona Site Stewards Program is an organization of volunteers whose members are selected, trained and certified by the State Historic Preservation Office to support the protection of cultural sites on public lands. Get involved as a volunteer, or watch the Site Stewards work in action.

5. Listen to our Podcast Episode on the Tribal Monitor Program

Nanebah Lyndon and LeRoy Shingoitewa joined us to discuss the Tribal Monitor Program and how their work is protecting areas of cultural significance to Arizona’s tribes. Members of this innovative program consider themselves the “eyes and ears” of their communities when surveying and protecting the vast amount of history and culture found in Arizona’s gorgeous outdoor landscape. Listen to the podcast episode, and click HERE for more information about the Tribal Monitor Program.


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