Campground restroom repairs will begin May 14, 2024 and continue through the end of August. During the construction, there will be times with only one usable shower. Campers may hear noise during the hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


Stage 2 fire restrictions are in effect starting June 21, 2024. No wood or charcoal fires allowed.


Homolovi State Park no longer accepts self-pay registrations for camping. Same-day reservations can be made by coming to the visitor center in person or by calling the park office at 928-289-4106 by 4:45 p.m. Entries for non-registered campers will not be accepted after that time.

Note: Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

Annual Weather

Homolovi State Park is located in a basin surrounded by the Mogollon Rim to the south, the Hopi Mesas to the north, and the San Francisco Peaks to the west. To the east there is a gradual rise toward Gallup. As a result, Homolovi resides in a rain shadow. Although brief thunderstorms can move through the park, most rain bypasses the park and is seen only in the form of runoff. During the winter, there are often several overcast days in a row, but any snow normally melts off by about 10 am.

Winslow weather is known for high winds in the spring and fall, although wind can strike at any time of the year. Mornings are usually calm, with the breeze picking up at about 11 am, then calming down again at sunset. However, there are exceptions.

Most rain occurs during January and February, then again in July and August. Heavy flows of the Little Colorado River can take out the park water line, in which case the campground will be restricted to “dry camping” only, although restroom facilities will still be available (but with no showers).

Below is a listing of average daily temperatures and monthly precipitation:

Homolovi State Park Average Daily Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit) & Monthly Precipitation (Inches)
Month Temperature Precipitation
High Low
January 47° F 21° F 0.46"
February 55° 26° 0.53"
March 61° 31° 0.61"
April 70° 37° 0.27"
May 79° 45° 0.36"
June 90° 54° 0.30"
July 93° 62° 1.18"
August 90° 61° 1.31"
September 84° 53° 1.02"
October 72° 40° 0.90"
November 58° 29° 0.55"
December 47° 21° 0.54"

Note: Weather data is provided as a general guide only. Arizona State Parks assumes no responsibility for any loss resulting from use of this information. 

Clear Sky Chart

The Homolovi Clear Sky Chart is provided by, an independent forecasting site that provides data for optimal skywatching.

Clear Sky Chart for Homolovi State Park Weather

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