What3Words Park Navigation

Imagine being able to share your exact location with three little words. We’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance your outdoor experience, and we’ve recently partnered with What3Words to bring you a precise, user-friendly answer to park navigation and directions. All you have to do is download the FREE APP to open a whole new world of navigational possibilities! Check out this quick video about this latest in navigation assistance!

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What3Words App      What3Words App

Here’s How It Works

What3Words had divided the earth into 57 trillion 10 ft. squares and has assigned each one a unique set of three words. If you have organized a meetup at the Siphon Draw Trailhead at Lost Dutchman State Park, there's a great way to tell everyone where to meet. The What3Words indicator for that location is ///perching.nest.unfunded. The app makes it easy to share your location through text or email. If you arrive before the other hikers, snap a photo and the app will embed the exact three-word location right on the pic! Check out the formatting below with What3Words location embedded right on the shared photo! Simply type this unique identifier into your app and your friends will know exactly where to find you and follow the "blue dot" until they've reached your location. But wait...There's more!


What3Words Shared ImageImages taken on location are shared easily via text or email in a very user friendly format.












What if you're not in the park and can't just walk over to the shared location using "blue dot" technology? Well, there's an option within the What3Words app that opens up the exact location within the the mapping software on your phone. After the location is opened in your phone mapping program, directions to this exact spot are formatted just like usual! 

Final Thoughts

We're so excited to share this new technology with our visitors and think that using it will make navigation much easier in the parks. It's so easy to get started...Just click the appropriate app icon above, download, and start exploring! 

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