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Why Work or Study from Home When You Could be in Southern Arizona?

The fall and winter seasons typically mean settling in at home after a summer of excitement and travel. This year, that’s different, and that opens a whole new travel opportunity for those of us who can work or attend class from anywhere. The WFH and digital learning wave is one you can ride to some new fall freedom … straight to southern Arizona. In the fall and winter, the weather is perfect, and all our parks are open and taking steps to keep everyone healthy.

These six southern Arizona state parks are just a few of many, and they’re all connected by legacy, legend, lore, and the great outdoors. We are highlighting these parks because they all are close to large communities, where you can pick up wifi and coffee for classes, client calls, and projects before and after escaping to the parks.

When You’re No Help with Homework

There is a great deal of history in southern Arizona, so when the kiddos need a little hands-on connection to the subject matter, take them out to Tubac Presidio State Historic Park, where they can stand amongst artifacts from Native American, military, and industrial history. The restored historical buildings, architectural dig site, schoolhouse, printing press, and much more will engage your students, and the trails will serve everyone well for blowing off pent-up steam.

When Movie Night is Coming UpA view of Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park

When was the last time you watched Tombstone? Do you know why the town was named so, or what Wyatt Earp’s life was like? The Tombstone Courthouse, built in the 1880s, still stands and is now a state park site and museum. The surrounding town of Tombstone is a great place to settle in and balance working or schooling remotely with seeing new places.

When You Wish You Were Living Under a Rock

Tired of the news? Tired of the anxiety? Tired of wondering what 2020 will throw at you next? You’re not the only one ready to retreat into a cave, and we know where you can sneak away for just that. Karchner Caverns State Park is home to an incredible cavern, which you can explore on cave tours. Take advantage of the long stretches of trails above ground to help you clear your head, and book a private cabin to spend the weekend away from your email.

When You’re Ready to QuitA wildflower seen in spring with the Superstition Mountains in the background

When Zoom audio drops out and your inbox overflows, when working solo with nothing but distractions from the kids has you pulling out your hair, it might be time to find a new source of income: gold. The Lost Dutchman’s mine in the Superstition Mountains probably won’t be the solution for you, but it may help clear your head and ease the stress! Point the RV to Lost Dutchman State Park.

When You Can’t Negotiate Bedtime One More Time

You spent all day negotiating with kids about classes and classwork, virtual class schedules, and lunch breaks for everyone. Now it’s dark outside and you’re out of fight. Toss the rules out the window and create a memory that’s also educational. Camp just outside of Oracle State Park and do some stargazing with the kids. Learn astronomy together and pick your favorite constellations, then spend the next day learning all about the wildlife that lives in the 4,000-acre wildlife refuge and state park. Bonus: You’ll all be tuckered out by the end of the day, so bedtime probably won’t be a question.

A man stands fishing near the bridge over Patagonia Lake.When You Need to Cash in Some PTO

You’ve been daydreaming about spending some time sitting next to a big body of water, haven’t you? Well, okay. Rent a cabin or campsite at Patagonia Lake State Park, pack your sandals and sunscreen, pick up a fishing license or birding guide, and relish the fact that Patagonia Lake has been preserved as an idyllic escape in southern Arizona, perfect for you, perfect for this fall.


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