Summertime Safety on the Water

May 30, 2023

PHOENIX –  When you plan a visit to one of the amazing state parks on a lake or river, it’s important to remember to include safety on your checklist! There are fantastic adventures to be had in these parks, but staying safe in and on the water make the memories even better.

Before you head out, make sure your boat is prepared with important safety equipment like a first aid kit, oars or paddles, functional running lights, signaling flares, and most importantly, personal floatation devices (PFD) for every single person (and pet). No one ever expects an emergency to happen, but being prepared means you can relax and enjoy your time at the park.

Personal floatation devices are important even if you’re not in a boat. Kayakers, stand-up paddle boarders, and canoers should also make sure they are wearing a PFD. Boats should also have throwable floatation devices as well. Use caution when you are on the water and remember that it is also the operator’s responsibility to remain sober while driving – same as operating a vehicle on the roads. Being impaired while driving a boat can cause serious injury or death.

Summer is a perfect time to get out and explore the parks, and Arizona’s state parks offer so many ways to have fun on the water. Being prepared is the best way to enjoy your experience and get ready to try the next park!

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