Spring Bass Fishing Time is Here

March 11, 2024

As water temperatures rise with spring weather, bass prepare for their annual spawn by building “beds” in shallow water areas accessible from shore. How can anglers take advantage of this temporary accessibility to catch more fish? What can we all do to protect this invaluable renewable resource? Find out below, then find your closest bass lake and start casting! 

We’re fortunate to have state park lakes that are among the most renowned bass fishing destinations in the western United States. We also have some obscure parks with small lagoons harboring big bass, as well as river bass fishing opportunities in the Colorado and Verde rivers. There just isn’t a better time to catch bass than spring and Arizona’s state parks have some of the best-known hotspots for anyone looking to level up their bass fishing game. 

Pro Tip: Watch this video and learn to properly set up a drop shot rig from our partners at Fishin48 and add another great tool to your box of tricks this spring!  

Find out where to go and how to catch more bass before your trip! Make this the year you learned how to consistently catch bass! There aren’t a lot of guarantees in fishing, but the spring bass spawn promises unparalleled opportunities to grow as an angler by experiencing success. Your only investment (outside of fishing license and gear) is time and patience! 

Please remember to practice catch and release, especially during the spawn! Handle the fish with care, snap a few pics, and release them to finish their business. They’ll go right back to the bed you caught them out of!

Pro Tip: Polarized sunglasses help to cut water surface glare, which helps to locate bass on beds.

Arizona State Parks and Trails and our partners like Fishin48 are here to support your journey as an angler. It’s up to you to get outside, rig a line, and start reeling in Arizona memories! 

A valid Arizona fishing license is required for anglers 10 years and older. Licenses are available on the Arizona Game and Fish website, and at a variety of authorized license dealers throughout the state.