Celebrate National Pollinator Month

June 1, 2024

June is National Pollinator Month, and from June 17 to June 23, we celebrate National Pollinator Week! This is the perfect time to delve into the fascinating world of Arizona's pollinators and discover how you can support these important animals.

Do you enjoy your morning coffee or a piece of chocolate? You have pollinators to thank! Pollinators are vital to our food supply, with 1 in 3 bites of food dependent on animal pollination. They also play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our ecosystem, supporting everything from wildlife to water resources.

When you think of pollinators, bees might be the first thing that comes to mind. Arizona is home to over 1,300 native bee species! But bees are just one part of the story. Butterflies, moths, beetles, ants, flies, and other insects move from flower to flower, aiding in the reproduction of many plant species. These tiny creatures each contribute to Arizona's amazing ecological tapestry.

Birds, like Arizona's 17 hummingbird species, plus feathered friends like doves, verdins, orioles, and more, are another vital pollinator group. And let's not forget about an extremely important pollinating mammal! Bats, often misunderstood, are excellent pollinators and pest controllers. Arizona’s 28 bat species transfer pollen while feeding on nectar and pollen, supporting plants like the Agave, essential for making tequila. So next time you enjoy a margarita, remember to thank a bat!

The logo for Pollinator Week on June 17-23, 2024 which depicts white flowers with a bee on them collecting pollen.Pollinators face numerous threats, including habitat loss, invasive species, and climate change. There are some simple but effective ways you can make a difference this National Pollinator Month! Create a haven in your own yard by planting a pollinator garden filled with diverse native flowers and providing water and shelter. Avoid using pesticides and embrace organic gardening practices to support pollinator health. Reduce light pollution to help nocturnal pollinators like bats and moths.

Last, but certainly not least: spread the word about the importance of pollinators! Participate in local events during National Pollinator Month, share information on social media, and educate others about how they can help. If you're hoping to immerse yourself in an environment ideally suited for pollinator habitat, enjoy a visit to one of the hummingbird gardens and Monarch Waystations in Arizona's State Parks. You're sure to leave inspired about how to enhance your own garden as a nurturing place for pollinators!

Celebrate the incredible pollinators of Arizona this June and take steps to support their vital role in our ecosystem. For more detailed information and tips, check out our complete resource on Arizona Pollinators and join us in celebrating these essential creatures!