Building Accessible Trails for People With Disabilities

If your agency is considering building accessible trails, outdoor recreation facilities and/or educational-related projects, our grant programs will help you reach that goal. Here is an example of the types of accessibility projects to consider. 

For more information, please review this presentation about our work with the community.

How to Increase Outdoor Recreation Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Project examples


1) Build a fully accessible park.

2) Accessible Playground

3) Accessibility upgrades at a current park

4) Acquisition of park lands

5) Accessible swimming pools, pool lifts, other equipment.

6) Water accessibility

7) Adaptive Equipment (Kayaking; skiing, hiking, biking, etc.)


1) Build an accessible trail system, maintain or convert to ADA

2) Develop multi-sensory interpretive trails (i.e. Braille Nature Trail)

3) Improve trailhead facilities (parking lots, bathrooms)

4) Production and or purchase of trail related educational materials and guided hikes for those with vision or hearing disabilities -information displays, in print, electronic, video, audio, interactive computer displays, brochures and pamphlets

Follow these links for great ideas on the different types of ADA projects your agency could do:


If your agency is considering developing an ADA project using grant funds please contact:

Sean Hammond, ADA and Site Steward Program Coordinator: [email protected]; 602-542-7130.

All applicants must first contact Mickey Rogers, ASPT Chief of Grants and Trails, to discuss their project before starting an application. Contact Mickey: 602-542-6942; email: [email protected]. Please do not “start an application” until approval is provided.

All Grant applications will be submitted online using the new online grants system WebGrants at If you are not registeed in WebGrants please go to website, click “Register Here,” complete basic profile. For any WebGrants-related questions please contact Sean at 602-542-7130.

For more information, read the press release HERE.



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