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Algodones, B.C., Mexico 
A popular Mexican town for tourists, Algodones is approximately eight miles from the park and offers medical and dental services, pharmacies, restaurants, and shopping. A passport or passport card is required for all border crossings.

Colorado River Siphon 
The Colorado River Siphon is a large, inverted siphon that carries canal water from California underneath the Colorado River and into Arizona. The siphon, constructed as part of the Bureau of Reclamation's Yuma Project, was completed in 1912 and brought water from Laguna Dam to irrigate the Yuma Valley. The siphon is still in use and the outlet on the Arizona side of the river can be seen just east of the Colorado River State Historic Park.

Felicity, CA 
The town of Felicity offers visitors a chance to see what has been geographically declared the “Center of the World,” based on a children’s book entitled “Coe the Good Dragon at the Center of the World.” The site boasts a Museum of History in Granite and a portion of the original steps leading up the Eiffel Tower.

Imperial National Wildlife Refuge 
Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, located just north of Yuma, offers visitors a chance for bird watching and wildlife viewing. Imperial NWR is located along the Colorado River and showcases riparian species.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge 
Kofa National Wildlife Refuge exhibits rugged, mountainous terrain inhabited by bighorn sheep and countless native plant species.

Laguna Dam 
Upon its completion in 1909, Laguna Dam became the first dam constructed on the Colorado River. The dam was initially constructed as part of the Yuma Project, a large-scale irrigation project to bring water to Yuma Valley agricultural fields.

Old Plank Road 
Just west of Yuma are the rolling hills of the Imperial Sand Dunes. In the early 1900s, travelers crossed the dunes via a plank road that spanned the approximately 6-mile width of the dunes. A small section of the original plank road still remains on the dunes and is accessible to the public.

Old Town Yuma
The historic Old Town Yuma district includes the areas of Main Street and the streets just before and after Main. Some of Yuma’s oldest buildings are located within the district, which hosts a number of present-day gift shops and restaurants.

Roxaboxen is a small park, located at 8th St. and 2nd Ave., dedicated to the memory of a make-believe town of the same name that was created by local children in the early 1900s. Today, schoolchildren around the world have become familiar with this place through the popular children’s story of Roxaboxen, by author Alice McLerran.

Sanguinetti House Museum 
The Sanguinetti House Museum is located within the former home of prominent Yuma businessman E.F. Sanguinetti. The home dates to the 1870s and displays both period rooms and exhibits about the early history of Yuma.

Tumco Ghost Town and Gold Mine 
Tumco Ghost Town is the site of an old gold mine dating from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. All that remains of the abandoned town include building foundations, the old cyanide tanks, and a cemetery.

Yuma Art Center 
The Yuma Art Center, located next to the historic Yuma Theatre, showcases rotating displays of artwork from local artists. The center also includes a gift shop, dark room, and pottery studio.

Yuma East Wetlands 
The Yuma East Wetlands is a land restoration project to reestablish native vegetation and wildlife habitat along the Colorado River. Unlike the West Wetlands, the East Wetlands are a strictly natural area without playground equipment.

Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center 
The Yuma Proving Ground’s Heritage Center museum explores military history from WWII up through the present day and includes displays of army uniforms, photos, equipment, and vehicles.

Yuma West Wetlands
The West Wetlands is a popular family park that features a children’s playground, hummingbird garden, and native revegetation area.


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