Yuma Territorial Prison Volunteer Opportunities

The Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park volunteer program offers park maintenance and interpretive education positions for adults. Volunteers help to enhance the visitor experience by assisting park staff with building and grounds maintenance, and by presenting interpretive education tours or developing interpretive education displays.

Volunteer position time commitments vary and are flexible. Positions are available year-round, although during certain times of year there may be a higher demand for a particular position (such as tour assistance during the school year). The park welcomes both year-round residents and winter visitors as volunteers. 

Interpretive Guide
The interpretive guide assists the park's interpretive education coordinator in researching, planning, and presenting park interpretive programs. The park offers our History of the Yuma Territorial Prison tour for adult tour groups and the general public. The volunteer may choose which group(s) they would like to work with. 

Maintenance Assistant
The maintenance assistant is responsible for light building and grounds maintenance duties. There is a wide array of potential duties for this position. The volunteer may choose which among these duties they would like to conduct. 

Chain Gang for Yuma Territorial Prison

Chain Gang for Yuma Territorial PrisonA worthy cause mobilizes community members to right a wrong, take back their streets or save a treasured landmark. Sometimes "it takes a village." In Yuma, Arizona, home of the famed Yuma Territorial Prison, it takes a "chain gang." The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area has created and will manage a campaign to bail out the Yuma Territorial Prison.