Premier Trails

Attention Land Managers, Trail Organizations, and Trail Enthusiasts: The Arizona State Committee on Trails (ASCOT) and Arizona State Parks and Trails have teamed up to establish an exciting new state trail system designed to recognize, promote and publicize non-motorized trails of special significance within Arizona. The partnership is currently accepting applications for trail consideration. Parks staff is on hand to assist you with the application process.


The Arizona Premier Trails System will include up to 100 premier trails and will specifically highlight various types in the following seven categories:

Recreation | Interpretive | Historic/Cultural | Scenic | Riparian | National | System 

The APTS will offer a diverse array of unique trails that inspire people to experience the state's magnificent outdoor environment and cultural history. Click here to view the current list of Premier Trails



Why Apply to APTS?

  • Assistance with grant, funding or other financial aid application process
  • Increased trail visitation and area tourism
  • Attract volunteers and groups to assist with trail maintenance and promotion
  • Promoted on Arizona State Parks website, social media, and newsletter 

Four Easy Steps to Apply

Step One - Learn more about APTS

Download the March Webinar Presentation here!

Step Two - Choose a Trail Category
APTS includes a variety of trail types (see above). In which category will your trail shine?

Learn more about category attributes by reading the Criteria For Nominating Trails.

Step Three - Fill Out the Nomination Forms
Be sure to fill out both parts of the Nomination forms.

Part I – Trail Information gathers more general information about the trail.

Part II asks questions that is specific to the trail category. Applications with just Part II forms completed will not be considered for APTS designation.

Step Four - Submit Final APTS Application
Submit APTS application at any time. ASCOT will designate APTS trails biannually in January and July. If there are any questions/concerns with the process or the application forms, contact Mickey Rogers at 602-542-6942 or by email: mrogers[email protected].