Volunteer at Riordan Mansion State Historic Park

Volunteer Erik Larson hosts a tour of Riordan Mansion for park visitors. Volunteers help every facet of park operations.

There are many volunteer opportunities available at Riordan Mansion for local residents, students, or seasonal visitors.

Volunteers will be given free access to the historic park grounds for a weekly donation of 20 hours of park service in any of our volunteer positions listed below:

Tour Guide
We give guided tours of the home of Tim and Caroline (East wing) every day on the top of each hour. The tours tell the story of the Riordan family, Flagstaff, and the architecture of the homes, and last about an hour.

West Wing Docent
The downstairs of the home of Michael and Elizabeth is designed to be a complement to the guided tour of the East wing. A volunteer presence is necessary to keep this area open to visitation.

Front Desk
The front desk is where the first visitor contact is generally made. This person greets visitors, answering their questions about the Park, and general information about Flagstaff. This person also handles entry fees and gift shop sales, and answers the phone.

We have a 1904 Steinway "B" piano, and a 1892 Haines Brothers upright piano, we keep them tuned and they need to be played regularly. It is also nice for the visitors to hear the piano being played while on tour.

We have six acres of grounds, which need care most of the year. Raking, pruning, weeding, sweeping and trash pick-up are the most common activities.

Carpenter & Plumber & Electrician & Mechanic
Qualified tradespeople willing to volunteer their services are always something we can use.

Archival Research
A large portion of the Riordan family and business papers are housed at the NAU Cline Library in Special Collections and Archives. There are many topics an interested individual could research for us there.

Data Entry
We are currently entering our archives into a database. The archive consists of mostly typed correspondence from and to Timothy Riordan. Typists must be accurate and able to choose keywords based on the content of the documents.

Everything in the house must be dusted regularly with 100 percent cotton cloths only. The floors also must be dust-mopped and the modern carpets vacuumed.

Tour Guide/Visitor Center
There is one on-site position at this park. The site includes city water and full electric hook-up. There is an on-site blackwater disposal by way of a transportable holding tank.

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Riordan Action Network

Riordan Action Network

The Mission of the Riordan Action Network is to Protect and Preserve the Riordan family homes and keep them Open to the Public. If you'd like to learn more about the group and how you can help, visit them online by clicking on the link below.