Riordan Second Sunday Special Tour: Beyond the Split Rail

Riordan Mansion State Historic Park

January 13, 2019   2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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Historically, Flagstaff has been home to a diverse population of people. We often only hear the stories of the wealthy and usually white citizens. This tour takes a look at who else made Flagstaff their home in the early 1900s. The Great Migration out of the south lead many African American families to head west in search of less rigid social codes and Jim Crow Laws. The Mexican Revolution causes many Mexican families to head north in search of safe living conditions and better jobs. Chinese immigrants came from overseas in search of the American Dream. Indigenous people lived nearby on the Reservations. Women in town were fighting for suffrage. Take a tour that focuses on the history of underrepresented individuals who made Flagstaff their home.

Cost is $15 Space is limited, reservations are required.