Sunday Lecture: Rafting the Grand Canyon - A Journey Through Space and Time with Jan Taylor

Red Rock State Park

Sunday, October 7, 2018   2:00pm

In 1997, on a family trip to canyon country, Jan visited the Grand Canyon for the first time in 30 years and was awed by what appeared to be an organized, but incomprehensible, rainbow of rocks. Thus, grew her fascination for geology and her desire to see and understand the Canyon, not only from the bottom to the top, but from end-to-end.  And so, she began her avocation with chartering and organizing geological rafting trips through the Canyon. To date, she has done 18 end-to-end Grand Canyon rafting trips; including motor, rowing, paddle, and hybrid (dory and paddle) trips. All of these trips have been with commercial outfitters and many have been geological trips, most of which she organized with Grand Canyon geologists Ivo Lucchitta and Wayne Ranney. Her love of the Canyon has gone well beyond the realm of geology, however, and she has pursued knowledge of the history, archaeology, adventure, and literature of the Canyon.

Jan Taylor is a native of California, lived in Los Angeles almost all of her life, and now lives in Sedona. She has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from UCLA, and a Master of Arts in psychology from California State University Northridge. She works as a volunteer naturalist at Red Rock State Park in Sedona; is on the board of the Benefactors of Red Rock State Park; is on the Board of Directors of the Grand Canyon River Runners Association, an organization that protects and supports public access to the Grand Canyon through the Colorado River; and is a Preventive Search and Rescue volunteer trainee at the Grand Canyon.

This lecture is included with park entrance fees: $7 per adult (14 and up), $4 per youth (7-13). However, seating is limited and reservations are required. Please call (928) 282-6907 to reserve your spot in the theater.