Star Party at Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park

September 16, 2017   7pm

Come join the Astronomers of Verde Valley as they present the celestial happenings of the mid-September sky. 

The STAR Party begins with an introductory presentation on the celestial happenings in the mid-September skies followed by star viewing through some high-powered telescopes. In the evening sky, Mars and Saturn shine low in the southwest, while Mercury might be visible through the bright evening twilight. Join the party and enjoy a star-filled night sky in a natural area where stars are more visible away from the perpetual glow of the urban landscape. The astronomers will point out the North Star, the various constellations visible in the early night sky during the fall season, the Milky Way, and other less-known objects such as star clusters.

This program is limited to 75 participants. A  $5 per person reservation fee is required for this program, in addition to the park's regular entry fees on the day of the program. Call (928) 282-6907 to reserve your spots.  Light refreshments (drinks,snacks) will be provided.

This event is sponsored by Keep Sedona Beautiful.

*Registration for this event begins on August 17th.