Star Party at Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park

September 8, 2018   7:00 p.m.

As we say goodbye to Jupiter low on the western horizon, the planets of Mars and Saturn sail high in the sky in the stream of stars in the Milky Way. The dark skies of Red Rock State Park allow visitors to easily see this stream of stars and dark dust lanes with the unaided eye. Thru the many telescopes set up for viewing, the Milky Way comes alive with nebulae, open star clusters, globular star clusters, double stars and colorful stars.

Cookies, “moon juice”, and other complimentary beverages will be provided.  Attendance is limited and reservations are required.  The program will wrap up by 9:30 pm. A $5.00 program fee per person is required in addition to the parks regular admission fees; $7.00 per adult (14 and up), $4.00 per youth (7-13), and free for children (0-6). To make reservations, please call (928) 282-6907 beginning August 9th.