Why Do Dark Skies Matter with Dr. Matthew Goodwin

Red Rock State Park

Sunday, July 8, 2018   2 p.m.

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Why should we turn out the lights at night and enjoy the darkness? Why is it important that we protect our nighttime views of the starry sky? Some philosophers argue that the darkness of night is a gift that helps to restore our moral sense. In this talk, we will discuss what connections can be found between darkness and the night sky with our sense of morality, our sense of who we are as human beings, and our understanding of our place in the universe. Dr. Matthew Goodwin is senior lecturer at Northern Arizona University’s Department of Philosophy, an Arizona Humanities Road Scholar, and co-founder of Sedona Philosophy—an Arizona Benefit Corporation. This lecture is included with park admission. However reservations are required. Please call 928-282-6907 to reserve your seats in the theater.