Recreational Trails Program

Grant Dollars In Action! 

The list of current and recently completed grant projects found below highlights various successes across Arizona. The grants team at Arizona State Parks and trails works closely with non-profit and government agencies to ensure Arizona’s trail recreation opportunities remain safe, varied, and clean! Arizona projects built with Arizona grant dollars...It's that easy! 

The Recreational Trails Program provides funds to states in order to develop and maintain recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both motorized and non-motorized recreational trail uses. These funds benefit a wide range of recreation including hiking, bicycling, in-line skating, equestrian use, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, off-road motorcycling, all-terrain vehicle riding, four-wheel driving, or using other off-road motorized vehicles. The RTP funds come from the Federal Highway Trust Fund and represent a portion of the motor fuel excise tax collected from non-highway recreational fuel use: fuel used for off-highway recreation by snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, off-highway motorcycles, and off-highway light trucks.

Fiscal Year 2020

City of Show Low- Meadow Trail at the Bluffs

Award Amount- $77,230

Funds will be used to develop a 2,000 linear foot ADA pedestrian trail, with two fishing platforms along Show Low Creek. Trail will run along the west bank of the creek with 2 fishing platforms integrated into the design.  The trail will have an asphalt surface to ensure a high degree of safety for wheelchairs and other mobility devices. A kiosk will be erected at the new trail entrance and signage will be posted along the trail to guide and inform visitors.  Bench seating niches will be placed along the trail. 

City of Phoenix- Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area Invasive Species Mitigation and Wayfinding Signage Project

Award Amount- $69,323

Grant funds will be used to mitigate existing trails within the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area that have overrun by invasive species, and provide maps and trail information through the installation and replacement of broken and missing signage. 

City of Sierra Vista- Garden Canyon Linear Park St. Andrews Drive Parking Lot Phase I

Award Amount- $79,707

Funds requested will be utilized at a master planned 148 Acre natural park. Accommodations will be made for standard and ADA vehicles, school buses, RV's, and trucks with horse trailers. The funds will also help pay for signage and an entrance sign. 

Arizona State Parks and Trails- ADA Intern 

Award Amount- $31,000

Grant funds will be used to hire an ADA Intern who will assist Arizona State Parks ADA Coordinator collect and revise current agency ADA policy. ADA Intern will help park and central office staff to assess Arizona State Parks trails and facilities for accessibility compliance. ADA Intern will also work to modify and create Standard Operating Procedures regarding dealing with guests with disabilities. In addition, ADA Intern will research and work to improve upon agency procedures for posting accessibility related information. Grant funds will also be used to purchase adaptive equipment, that will be used to conduct trail accessiblity assessments.

Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition- Red Rock Bike Patrol Training Grant

Award Amount- $2,700

Funds will be used to support the Red Rock Bike patrol, a 35 person all volunteer group whose focus is to educate, assist and inform trail users. Patrollers will enroll in mountain bike skills weekend clinics conducted by the Sedona Mountain Bike Academy. 

Arizona State Parks and Trails- Sign Language Saturday at Kartchner Caverns 

Award Amount- $4,800

Grant funds will be used to provide sign language interpreted tours and advanced audio equipment for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing visitors to the Kartchner Caverns and trail hikes within the park. Funds will pay for sign language interpreters to participate in regularly scheduled cave tours and other trail hikes.

Bikepacking Roots- Wild West Bikepacking Route Resources Project

Award Amount- $7,045

Funds will be used to develop route resources guide for the Arizona segment of the Wild West bikepacking route that traverses the Intermountain West from Mexico to Canada. The objective of the route resources guide is to provide high-quality logistical, risk management, and environmental information to facilitate safe, empowering, and educational bikepacking trips on the Wild West Route (WWR). The guide will be presented in both PDF, and smartphone app. 

Arizona Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs- ASA4WDC Information and Communications Grant

Award Amount- $18,050

Funding will assist federal agencies to provide maps of  motorized trails in Arizona.  Maps would include a new Table Mesa Map, work with agencies to develop maps and assist agenices in providing this infomration both digitally and paper.

Fiscal Year 2019

Arizona State Parks & Trails - Granite Mountain Hotshots MSP Intern/Trail Maint. Project - ADOT

Award Amount- $132,636

Grant funds will be used to maintain 3.5 miles of trail at Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park. Funds will also be used to hire an intern who would work as a part time park ranger along with some hand tools for the continued use of the trail.  

Arizona State Parks & Trails - Tonto Natural Bridge Wooded ADA Trail Project

Award Amount- $72,390

This trail project connects existing ADA paths & areas of the park in order to provide a complete and continuous circuit for visitors. Approximately 350' of the trail from the path to viewpoint #2 will be brought up to ADA standards.  Also, approximately 450' of dilapidated trail through the orchard area will be brought ADA compliant. New wooded trail, about 900', will extend from this section completing the loop.

Ability360 - Promoting Arizona's Accessible Trails Project

Award Amount- $35,817

This project has two different components but one goal: increase outdoor recreation opportunities for people with disabilities. This grant will fund a project to identify accessible hiking trails and then develop a website to hold info collected. Funds will also be used to purchase five (5) accessible mats to be installed at select locations.

Arizona State Parks and Trails- Colorado River State Historic Park ADA Trail

Award Amount- $28,392

This grant will fund an improvement and extension of the existing trail within the xeriscape garden.  The existing trail includes a small loop through the garden, while the new trail segment would be constructed to bridge the gap between our concrete sidewalk and the existing loop.  Both the new and old portions of the trail will be improved by the addition of a soil stabilizer substrate that will make the trail ADA accessible. In addition to trail improvements, the grant will also fund new interpretive signage. 

Arizona Trail Association- West Mazatzal Trail Maintenance

Award Amount- $31,000

Funds will be used to complete long-deferred maintenance—primarily brushing and tread definition—on the remote Davenport Wash Trail No. 89 on the western slopes of the Mazatzal Mountain Range. These trails have become overgrown and badly eroded in several locations. Activities will focus will be on the most degraded sections of approximately 7.6 miles of the trail between Club Spring and the Payson/Cave Creek Ranger District boundary, a location about 1.4 trail miles SW of Chilson Camp. 

Arizona State Parks and Trails

Award Amount- $31,000

Funds will be used to provide a professional trail crew to conduct basic trail maintenance on the Mariah Mesa Trail.

Climbing Association of Arizona - Santa Catalina Trail Maintenance and Restoration

Award Amount- $81,000

Funds will be used to help CASA provide maintenance and restoration on heavily used Santa Catalina Ranger District Forest Service trails that are used by rock climbers, hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. Funding will be used to continue to develop and implement a training program to teach all trail users how to perform basic trail maintenance to United States Forest Service standards. 

Town of Patagonia- Linking Existing Trails and Parks with a Universally Accessible Pathway

Award Amount- $79,175

Grant funds will be used to create an ADA accessible walking pathway through Doc Mock Park, which will connect multiple existing area trails including: Patagonia Train Track Trail, Cemetery Trail, and the Arizona Trail. A central ramada with seating and a picnic area will serve as a respite for hikers and birdwatchers, chock-full of informational signage about the natural and cultural history of Patagonia.

National Park Service, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - Horseshoe Bend Trail Enhancements

Award Amount- $80,000

This project will construct a fully compliant Americans with Disability Act trail, which will eliminate the informal trail that travels through deep sand and over steep hills. In addition, the project will provide viewing areas, interpretive waysides and needed shade structures in the heat of the summer. 

Colorado River Area Trail Alliance (CRATA) - Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area Trail Maintenance

Award Amount- $30,000

Granted funds would be used to maintain existing trails such as clearing pathways, drainage, tread maintenance with in the existing footprint on current multi-use non-motorized trail. The primary focus would be on FootHills Rim Loop south conection, Redtail Connector, and Basalt Cut Across. The Funds recieved would fund labor costs of state contracted trail crews to make these trails safe, sustainable and enjoyable for trail enthusiasts.

Tonto Recreation Alliance (TRAL)- TRAL/Tonto OHV Trail Management Phase III

Award Amount- $294,350

This grant will provide an extension and expansion to the Programs funded by the previous two Arizona State Parks OHV grants received by Tonto Recreation Alliance. This grant will extend this program for a minimum of two additional years including completing the first-time inspection of all of the OHV trails in the forest and also starting into re-inspection of trails. 

Prescott Trail Riders- OHV Trail Maintenance and Improvements in Prescott National Forest

Award Amount- $58,718

This proposal consists of trail maintenance of existing trails in the Prescott National Forest which will consist of trimming brush back from the sides of trails to allow for continued use. Some of these trails are overgrown to the point that they are unusable.  The work will be using a combination of hand tools (loppers/hand saws) and power tools  (chain saws/brush saws). 

Arizona State Parks and Trails- Bouse Day Use Project

Award Amount- $397,500

Funds will be used to develop a a 40+ acre OHV-themed park along a main area of the Peace Trail. Funds will be used to develop entrance road, signage, restrooms, and staging area. 

Arizona State Parks & Trails - 2018 National Equestrian Conference

Award Amount- $5,894

Funds will be used to support National Equestrian Trails Conference (NETC), which is scheduled to take place in Scottsdale on November 2-4, 2018. The focus of the conference is to engage all user groups -OHV users, hikers, equstrians to address trail congestion, user conflicts and trail damage. Education programs will focus on trail-user group growth, sharing, and preserving the trails.

Coconino County - Rogers Lake Interpretive Trails Conference

Award Amount- $9,040

Coconino County Parks & Recreation (CCPR) will use Safety & Environmental Education (SEE) RTP grant funds to fabricate ten (10), 30”h x 40”w interpretive education (IE) signs for RLCNA, purchase sign frame materials (steel), work with a graphic designer to update the trail map, and fabricate trailhead maps. IE signs will be located along the six-mile trail system and will provide trail users with information about the area’s natural and cultural history and significance. 

Friends of the Tubac Presidio Park and Museum - Friends of the Tubac Presidio Safety and Environmental Education Project

Award Amount- $9,353

Funds will be used to purchase and install three signs on existing fencing to make hikers, birders, scouting groups, and participants in our archaeology tours aware of Spanish Colonial adobe ruins that are fenced off along the trail. The fourth sign we are requesting funding for would also attach to an existing fence and it would show a map of the area in 1800's. Funds from this grant would also provide an educational kiosk at the Anza Trail head- in the state parking lot. asking for a table with benches for tour groups to sit on while guides point out locations of ruins on maps, land grant barriers, and other pertinent information prior to the groups desent into the Anza trailhead. 

Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition - Red Rock Bike Patrol

Award Amount- $10,000

The RRBP is a 25-person all volunteer patrol authorized by the RRRD through a Volunteer Service Agreement with the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition. Funding will be used to equip the RRBP volunteers with the following: two complete sets of uniforms, a hydration backpack, first aid kit and bike tubes/CO2 (new patrollers); replacement uniforms when existing uniforms become unserviceable; and replacement first aid supplies and bike tubes/CO2 as required. Funding will also be used to provide signage at trail intersections for the Western Gateway Trail System.

Anza Trail Coalition of Arizona - Azna Trail Signage and Informational Brochures

Award Amount- $2,745

The Anza Trail Coalition (ATCA) plans to utilize the grant funds in addition to matching funds to procure and install nine 18"x24" "You Are Here" signs along the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail in Santa Cruz County. The installation locations are primarily on existing posts or structures at existing trailheads or trail intersections where additional guidance for trail users is needed.

Arizona Horse Lover's Foundation- Updated New Third Edition of Horse Trails in Arizona (SEE)

Award Amount: $9,750

This project includes updating, editing, and adding new equestrian trails information to the equestrian trails guidebook titled “Horse Trails in Arizona.” The guide will be made available in both printed and e-book formats. This project will accomplish the publication of a 3rd edition guidebook with comprehensive equestrian and other trail users’ safety and educational information for more than 100 statewide public trails and trailheads that include all counties in the state of Arizona.

Arizona Trail Association- Trail Skills Institute (SEE)

Award Amont: $9,345

Arizona Grant Programs

This grant will fund four TSI sessions over the period of one year, offered at locations across Arizona on the Arizona National Scenic Trail. The proposed project includes two one-day courses covering Modules 1 and 2 (Seeing the Trail;Trail Corridor and Maintenance), one two-day course covering Module 3 (Stone Maintenance Structures), and one two-day course for Module 4 (Re-route Design and Trail Layout). Each of the four modules are developed and presented by ACE professionals. 

Arizona Horse Council- Trail Usage and Brochure Education Project (SEE)

Award Amount: $9,982

Funds will be used to produce four (4) training programs and environmental training materials that will educate equestrians and other motorized and non-motorized trail users on specific safety guidelines related to equestrians. Funds will provide for the writing, photography, graphics, and production of a series of “best practices” informational printed and e-brochures, videos, exhibit booth educational materials, PowerPoint and live site presentations with equestrians and other trail user groups, and will compensate this safety/educational programs manager intern. 

City of Phoenix- Take a Hike, Do It Right! Wilderness First Aid Certification (SEE)

Award Amount: $9,968

Arizona Grant Programs

Funds will be used to augment the Take a Hike, Do it Right! initiative in several manners; 1) a major advertisement campaign, in several languages, throughout the City of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (terminals deemed Arrivals) and 2) supplemental advertisement campaign with key components of the Take a Hike, Do it Right! movement advertised at City of Phoenix Convention Center and Venues. In addition, the City of Phoenix would like to provide 3) Wilderness First Aid/CPR courses for the City of Phoenix Park Rangers. 

Willow Bend Environmental Education Center- Flagstaff Trails for Youth (SEE) 

Award Amount: $9,950

This project will provide experiential learning opportunities engaging youth outdoors to promote awareness, safe usage, and stewardship of Flagstaff’s non-motorized, multi-use trail system. Over one hundred sixth graders will participate in 10 hours of on-trail hiking and education, six hours of school-based skills and knowledge programming, conduct a trail assessment survey of the Flagstaff Loop Trail, and collaborate on four final projects (public presentation of trail survey findings, educational video about trail safety, public display about local trails and trail safety, and book of trail and outdoor safety tips for future students and families). 

Wickenburg Conservation Foundation - Leave No Trace Awareness Training

Award Amount- $1,936

Funds will be used to provide Leave No Trace Awareness training and outdoor education programming for K-12 students and adults. Grant funds will be used to purchase reusable program supplies.

Arizona State Parks and Trails - Kartchner Caverns Lighting Project 

Award Amount- $224,390

Kartchner Caverns lighting project.

Funds would be used to update cave lighting at Kartchner Caverns State Park. Some highlights of the new system include low voltage LED conversion, light show program options, general programming access for approved staff, ease of use/maintenance, fungal, bacterial and algal growth, minimal disruption of park operations, lightning mitigation.

Fiscal Year 2018

Flag Velo, Inc., Dba Flagstaff Biking Organization - Fort Tuthill Bike Park

Award Amount: $78,695

Arizona Grant Programs

The project will fund the continued construction of a fully-featured mountain bike skills park at the Fort Tuthill County Park located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Funding will additionally be used some for maintenance of existing trails at the park, construction of new signage, and the creation of a brochure outlining the trails and features at the facility.

City of Wilcox- Keiller Park Trail Project

Award Amount- $49,858

Funds will be used to renovate and upgrade an existing trail at Keiler Park in the City of Willcox. Crews will demolish and remove existing paved surface install new aggregate base. Grant will also provide funds for minor landscaping work, and repair irrigation systems.

Arizona State Parks and Trails- Cattail Cove State Park ADA Trail Maintenance Project

Award Amount- $30,000

This project proposes to build 715 feet of 4-foot wide accessible trail, which will provide access from the day use parking area to a proposed kayak launch area, beach and eventually an ADA fishing platform on the Colorado River. The current trail has been washed out over the years and is no longer accessible.  It will give accessible people access to the beach area and the bank of the river to fish and enjoy the scenery.

Town of Florence- Poston Butte Summit Trail Maintenance

Award Amount- $10,624

The Town of Florence project proposal is for maintenance of the trail leading to the summit of Poston Butte. The trail leads visitors 0.5 miles to the summit of Poston Butte, the site of the pyramidal tomb of Charles Poston, the primary activist in the creation of the territory of Arizona.

Prescott National Forest, Bradshaw Ranger District-Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Trails Maintenance- Chino Ranger District

Award Amount- $30,000

This project includes maintaining two trails totalling 6.26 miles in Sycamore Canyon Wilderness. The 1.86 mile Lonesome pocket trail is primarily in Sycamore Canyon Wilderness.  The trail is largely overgrown and very hard to follow due to the overgrowth of brush. The 4.4 mile Henderson trail weaves in and out of Sycamore Canyon Wilderness.  The trail is largely overgrown and hard to follow. Lonesome Pocket Trail #61 and Henderson Trail #53 both require brushing, clearing of pathway, and vegetation management. 

Prescott National Forest, Bradshaw Ranger District- Cedar Bench Wilderness Trails Maintenance- Verde District

Award Amount- $30,000

Chasm Creek Trail #164 is a 6.3 mile trail located primarily in Cedar Bench Wilderness. Squaw Peak Trail #518 is a 4.286 mile trail which is completely brushed over.  It can be followed, but extremely difficult to move through the brush. Both trails require brushing, clearing of pathway, and vegetation management.  

Coconino National Forest, Mogollon Rim Ranger District - Mogollon Rim National Scenic Trail Project

Award Amount: $78,025

Arizona Grant Programs

This project will reroute and relocate approximately 18 miles of the alignment of the Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZNST) and to make improvements to existing trail from the Hay Meadows trailhead (TH) to the Gooseberry Springs TH. Additionally, work will be done to make improvements to the existing Hay Meadow, Pine Springs/Bargaman Park, and Gooseberry Springs THs.

Tucson Off-Road Cyclists and Activists - TORCA Back Country Trail Project

Award Amount- $53,942

Grant funds will be used to purchase two 6 man UTV's to help access 24 miles of Back Country Trails accessed by rugged OHV roads. Funding will also help provide eduactional materials on trail etiquette as well as help develop a campaign to engage the mountain bike community to donate at least "One day" per year to trail work and advocacy.

City of Yuma- Yuma West Wetlands Upper Bench

Award Amount: $79,990

Arizona Grant Programs

Grant funding will be used by the City of Yuma, along with the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Corporation in order to wrap up its ambitious partnership of clearing and connecting  some 4,250 linear feet of park land for the creation of non-motorized trails that includes; a designer beach with sand, limestone seating wall and benches, 650 Lf long ADA ramp connecting to trails, special hands on Wetlands Educational Grove, native beaver pond with bridge, and the planting of 200 native trees, plus plants, along with preserving the wildlife environment and specific endangered species. 

Coconino County - Fort Tuthill Trail System

Award Amount- $76,740

Coconino County Parks and Recreation (CCPR) will utilize grant funds on the Fort Tuthill Trail System to renovate/maintain 3 miles of Soldiers Trail, mitigate/restore 2 miles of Soldiers Trail, and construct new trail. New trail construction will consist of extending the Bridge Trail by 1/2 mile, adding 1/4 mile of new trail that connects to the Flagstaff Loop Trail and the Fort Tuthill Bike Park, and adding 1/2 mile of new downhill/flow trails.

Maricopa County Parks & Recreation - Goat Camp Trail Rehabilitation

Award Amount- $80,000

Funds will be used to repair and maintain sections of Goat Camp trail, located in White Tank Mountain Regional Park. The project includes the installation of new and replacement trail markers and the installation of trail safety signage. Trail markers that provide Information on direction and distance will be the main focus with additional signage for trail difficulty and safety signage provided at the completion of the project.

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Alpine Ranger District - Bear Wallow Wilderness Trails Maintenance

Award Amount: $50,215

Arizona Grant Programs

Funding will be used to restore and maintain trails within the Bear Wallow Wilderness. Work includes installation and repair of drainage structures, restoration of the trail through severely damaged areas, remarking by use of cairns and trail signs, removal of fallen trees and clearing of flood-deposited debris. Mitigation and restoration will also occur on a section that experienced extreme damage from post-Wallow Fire flooding. Wilderness signs as well as damaged trail signs will be installed.  Additionally, an interpretive panel on fire education relating to the Wallow Fire will be installed at each trailhead. Maps will also be developed. 

National Park Service, Saguaro National Park- Trail Re-routes on Pink Hill Trail

Award Amount- $79,964

The Pink Hill Trail in Saguaro National Park's Rincon Mountain District is badly rutted in sections due to erosion, poorly layed out trail, and hiker/stock traffic.  This trail rutting has become a safety hazard for visitors in particular stock users have reported animals falling over in these rutted sections. Proposed work includes rerouting the trail in sections to create a more sustainable grade. Crews will also rehabilitate old sections of trail with soil and vegitation removed from re-routes sections of trail. When this work is complete the Pink Hill Trail will be a safer and more enjoyable trail for all vistiors that use this very popular trail in Saguaro National Park.

National Park Service, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - Horseshoe Bend Enhancements

Award Amount- $38,514

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, in partnership with The City of Page, Arizona are currently developing the Horseshoe Bend area into a world class environmental tourist destination. Project will construct a fully compliant Americans with Disability Act trail, which will eliminate the informal trail that travels through deep sand and over steep hills. In addition, the project will provide viewing areas, interpretive waysides and needed shade structures in the heat of the summer. The funds from this grant will be directly used to assist in the construction of the trail and providing trail signage and interpretive media within the National Park Service boundary.

Arizona State Land Department- Desert Wells OHV Improvement Project

Award Amount- $194,385

Funds from this grant will be used to redesignate the parking/staging area at the Desert Wells Multi-Use Area and restrict full-sized vehicles from travelling beyond.  The kiosk will be relocated closer to the highway in an effort to reduce vandalism and better signage will be installed.  An OHV coordinator will allow the Land Department to better manage this area along with numerous other areas of State Trust land that are heavily impacted by OHV users.

BLM- Tucson Field Office- Middle Gila Canyon Travel Management Area Signage and Maps

Award Amount- $38,089

Grant funds will be used to install signs on designated routes in the Middle Gila Canyons TMP area. Funds will also be used to develop support facilities, install new kiosks and provide maps and trail information to the public. 

BLM- Arizona Strip Field Office- Designating, Signing Routes on the Arizona Strip

Award Amount- $89,920

Funds will be used to purchase and install trail route signage at intersections throughout the St. George Basin, Colorado City, and Littlefield TMA's. 

BLM - Vermillion Cliffs National Monument TMP Implementation 

Award Amount- $199,841

Funding will be used to purchase and install trail route signage at intersections throughout the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. 

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Lakeside Ranger District- District Wide OHV Trail Improvements

Award Amount- $188,440

Project continues restoration work on the Maverick Trail where there are issues of washouts, erosion and malpais rock outcrops for about 5 miles of trail. Funds will also be used to replace the existing cattle guard fence crossings for all District motorized trails. 20 directional signs will also be replaced. 

Fiscal Year 2016

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Springerville Ranger District- Forest Wide Maintenance and Renovation Trail Project

Award Amount- $151,302

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is requesting funds for mitigating and restoring damage at Lewis William Campground and Williams Valley Recreation Area.  There would be maintenance and restoration of the Timberline and Saffel Canyon motorized trails.  Their project will develop support facilities and make improvements at several trailheads used for motorized recreation including Williams Valley, Sunrise and Railroad Grade.

Arizona State Parks and Trails - Ocotillo New Trail Construction

Award Amount: $78,348

Arizona Government Grants

This project includes construction of 1.73 miles of the new Ocotillo Trail as well as maintaining and renovating the trail. Project will also replace wooden stairs along the 2.5 mile connecting portion of the existing Foothills Loop trail at Kartchner Caverns State Park. The maintenance and renovation of the Foothills Loop trail will recontour the trail and replace wooden stairs. All work will be done with hand tools by trail crew and Park Staff.

Arizona State Parks and Trails - Buckskin Mountain State Park Trail Project

Award Amount: $80,000

This project will fund the construction of a new non-motorized trail connecting Buckskin Mountain State Park with River Island State Park.  Work will include trail construction, installation of trail signage and kiosks and the development of maps. 

Arizona State Parks and Trails - Picacho Peak Trail Maintenance Project

Award Amount- $30,000

The Picacho Trail System has gone several years without major funding for improvements to its trail system.  This project is the first in many phases that will eventually upgrade the trail system to make this safer and more sustainable.  Work will inlude sign replacement, materials for surfacing, grading tread, box steps, replacing water bars, creating grade dips, ditching, brush removal and kiosks.

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest - Pintail Lakes Trail and Trailhead Parking Reconstruction

Award Amount: $78,257

Arizona Government Grants

Pintail Lakes is a nationally renowned created wetland and bird viewing area that treats local waste water and provides vast habitat for birds and other wildlife species.This grant will fund the completion of 730 feet of the accessible trail beginning from the trailhead. The project will also restore the trailhead accessible parking with new concrete, signs, striping, and trash receptacle. It will also add shoulder material to protect the trail from erosion and washouts, and boulders to prevent motorized access in unauthorized areas. In addition, grant will fund interpretive signs, entrance map on the kiosk and educational panels along the trail. 

Tonto National Forest, Cave Creek Ranger District- Desert Vista/ St. Claire OHV Rehabilitation and Improvement Project

Award Amount- $321,925

The purpose of this grant is to rehabilitate areas of concern for heavy OHV traffic, and to make improvements to areas of Cave Creek ranger district to create a desirable locale for OHV enthusiasts. Approximately 5 miles of pipe rail, and or smooth wire fence, or boulders will be installed for boundaries around our proposed staging area development. Staging Area development is planned at five locations, which will include costs associated: gates, piperail, kiosks, additional signs, heavy equipment work required for parking lot grading. Funds will also be used to hire two seasonal employees for labor, patrol, and Desert Vista/St. Claire OHV project implementation assistance. 


Tonto National Forest, Mesa Ranger District- Mesa Ranger District OHV Rehabilitation and Improvement Project - Phase II

Award Amount: $267,679

Arizona Grant Programs

This project will continue and extend maintenance, rehabilitation, and improvement of OHV routes and impacted areas of the Mesa Ranger District primarily used for OHV recreation. Forest roads to be impacted by the grant are found in the Sycamore, Rolls, Bulldog OHV areas and Forest Roads adjacent to Forest Road 172. The Forest Service, in working partnership with the Mesa District’s Eagle Scout Volunteer program, will restore another 20 to 30 acres of highly impacted land to a natural state by planting cactus and other native plants. Approximately one half mile of pipe rail will be used to clearly identify legal forest road corridors and reduce impacts to wildlife habitat. 


Maricopa Trail and Parks Foundation- Maricopa Trail Maintenance and Stewardship Program

Award Amount- $76,890

Funding will support various trail maintenance and stewardship events hosted by the Maricopa Trail and Parks Foundation. Grant will help recruit and train volunteer Regional Stewards, Segment Stewards, Trail Volunteers, and Youth Corps who will keep the Maricopa Trail in sustainable condition, both now and in the future. The 2017-2019 project training program also includes two professional plant care and removal training Workshops, two professional wilderness first aid workshops, and three Maricopa Trail Segment Steward training workshops. 

Coronado National Forest- Santa Catalina Ranger District Trail Maintenance

Award Amount: $79,887

Arizona Government Grants

Funds will be used to maintain trails in the Santa Catalina Ranger District. Work to be completed includes corridor expansion, brushing, logging, and tread work in order to mitigate public health and safety concerns. These funds will also be used to provide training opportunities for volunteers as they work together with the conservation crews to accomplish these projects. 

Arizona State Parks and Trails- Bridle Trail at Catalina State Park

Award Amount: $80,000

Arizona Government Grants

The Bridle Trail is a heavily used trail with a traihead and approximately 1.4 miles long beginning in Catalina State Park and extending into the Coronado National Forest. This project will add approximately 6" of base rock as well as 3" decomposed granite to the existing trail. Material haulers, compacting equipment, a water truck, and a vibratory roller designed for trail work (narrow base) will be used to spread and compact the surface. Other hand tools will be used to clear brush, prune encroaching vegetation and further manicure the trailhead. The improvements will provide a quality and safe recreation experience.

Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction Inc.- Pine Loop Trail/ Trailhead Improvements

Award Amount: $31,232

Arizona Government Grants

This project includes the completion of the Pine Loop Trail, a three-mile loop from Pine Trailhead comprised of a section of the AZT/Highline Trail, the Pine Canyon Trail, and Pine View Trail. Contracted youth crews will complete a 1.12 mile reroute of Pine View Trail, restore old tread, and provide maintenance from the trailhead to the new trail section. New signage will be installed with updated enforcement information. Trailhead improvements include the establishment of an interpretive display and installation of picnic tables. A comprehensive updated trail map will be provided in an existing kiosk.

Arizona Trail Association- Colonel Devin Trail Administration

Award Amount: $80,000

Arizona Government Grants

This project will restore and upgrade the historic Colonel Devin Trail 290 north of Washington Park TH, consolidating traffic away from critical habitat and moving the AZT east onto the more natural and scenic Colonel Devin trail. The project will consolidate Washington Park TH facilities to reduce social trails and address other resource impacts.  A short section of a severely eroded social trail will be closed and the route reclaimed, and a neglected section of the Highline Trail will be reopened and restored.  Trail signage will be developed and installed at trail junctions between Washington Park and FR 300 at the top of the Mogollon Rim, and an interpretive kiosk will be developed and installed the Washington Park TH.

Coronado National Forest, Sierra Vista Ranger District- Canyon Trail Maintenance Project

Award Amount- $30,000

The primary goal for the youth corps selected would be to maintain the Hamburg trail #122 from the Wilderness Boundary to the junction with the Crest trail/AZT.  Along the way, they would be replacing 6 signs at three trail junction areas. After maintaining the Hamburg trail, they move to the Crest, picking up where AWC left off.  Then Pat Scott Canyon, back down to Brown canyon and if any time permits, Comfort Spring trail.  

Town of Oro Valley - Honey Bee Canyon Park Trail Rehabilitation Project

Award Amount- $30,000

Honey Bee Canyon Park is a 62-acre  natural passive park within the Rancho Vistoso  master planned community.  It features a trail system, two ramadas, and a restroom facility. The Honey Bee Canyon Park Trail Rehabilitation Project will include routine trail maintenance on the existing 2.03 miles of trai ls within the park.

Tonto National Forest, Mesa Ranger District- Mesa Ranger District Trail Maintenance

Award Amount- $30,000

This project will rehabilitate and improve approximately 15.5 miles of trail in the Superstition Wilderness. 

Town of Marana- CAP Trailhead

Award Amount: $11,160

Arizona Grants

Grant funding will be used by the Town of Marana to convert a 2-acre lot into a trailhead parking area on the northern side of Tangerine Road. The trailhead will be graded and compacted and provide parking for 25 vehicles, and space for 6 horse trailers and trucks. The trailhead will include bike racks, a hitching post, refuse receptacles and signage. 

City of Buckeye- Skyline Regional Park Trails and Signage

Award Amount: $80,000

Arizona Grant Programs

The City of Buckeye will use grant funds to install a 2/3 mile accessible trail in Skyline Regional Park, install interpretive panels along the accessible trail, construct a trail to connect with the Sienna Hills community, and update park kiosk maps. The grant will also fund costs to develop content, design, fabricate and install the signage.

BLM- CFRA Trail Construction and Signage

Award Amount: $36,704

Arizona Government Grants

This project takes place within the Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area (CFRA). Grant funds will be used to construct a barb wire enclosure around Gross Spring, develop interpretive panels showing the archeological, biological, and geological significance of the CFRA, and construct approximately 5 miles of new non-motorized trail within the CFRA. Maps depicting a trail users current GPS location and position will also be designed and installed.

Town of Camp Verde- Community Park Loop Trail

Award Amount: $78,248

Arizona Grant Programs

Funding will be used to construct a 1.65 mile long non-motorized, multi-use trail with associated vehicle entry road and parking for passenger vehicles and tow vehicles with horse trailers. Trailhead support facilities will include a handicapped accessible toilet, shade ramada, trailhead kiosk, informational signage, and horse hitching rails. Two interpretive points along the trail will incorporate four interpretive panels with information on the white limestone cliffs, the riparian corridor, local geographic features and significance as well as early settlement patterns visible from the park.  

Prescott National Forest- Prescott Circle Trail, White Rock Trailhead Development

Award Amount: $79,420

Arizona Government Grants

This project will fund the maintenance of approximately 7 miles of trails 318, 324, and 392. It will also fund the installation of a double panel kiosk and the development of an approximately 24,000 square foot trailhead at White Rock. This trailhead will provide parking for use by vehicles, and up to 8 horse trailers. 

Fiscal Year 2015

Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District- Greater Sedona OHV Coordination Project

Award Amount- $205,336

A well-established network of scenic paved and unpaved roads exists in the vicinity of Sedona, Arizona, a popular tourism destination. This network of roads includes over 300 miles open to motorized recreation, is located in an area of unsurpassed scenery. Funds will be used to address visitor safety, law enforcement, and route conditions in areas surrounding Sedona. 

Bureau of Land Management, Kingman Field Office- KFO Emergency Stabilization and Kiosk Replacement

Award Amount- $63,095

Funds will be used to maintain approximately 30 miles of existing routes in the Hualapai, Music, Cerbat, and Black Mountains. Maintenance would consist of BLM personnel repairing the surfaces of these roads and removing any potential hazards. In addition, the BLM proposes to replace existing wooden bulletin boards with metal kiosks that would be sustainable in the harsh climate of the Mohave & Sonoran deserts. Finally, the BLM proposes to establish trailhead facilities for adopt-a-trails on 7 technical OHV trails on public lands in the Black Mountains just east of Bullhead City, AZ.

BLM- 2019 BLM Ambassador

Award Amount- $95,000

Grant funds will go toward funding the Arizona OHV Ambassador Program, a volunteer program that provides a means for private citizens to work with a variety of federal, state, and local land managers and public safety officials in Arizona to promote responsible off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation on public, state, and private lands.



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